By the TMoM team

The Founder of Your BIG Day, Madaline “Maddy” Richardson, signed with MMG New York City in June, and was crowned the 2021 Little Miss North Carolina on October 31. We featured Maddy and her amazing campaign in our blog here over the summer.

Now that she is representing her state as the new 2021 Little Miss North Carolina, we thought it would be fun to hear from Maddy herself and hear what this all means to her.

What does it mean to be Little Miss North Carolina?

Well to me, winning Little Miss NC means that I will have all new sisters and spending time with all of my new sister queens and Mrs. Carolyn. I also can tell others about my platform, Your Big Day.

Is it hard preparing for a pageant?

It is definitely hard work but it is also part of what I do everyday. I see my Coach every week and I practice every night, kinda like playing basketball or riding a bicycle. I go to practice and do a lot of reviewing. I also have my brothers to help me practice… it’s so funny. It’s not just walking on stage but I have classes on public speaking during the week as well.

Where have you traveled for pageants?

Oh my goodness… I have been to Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, and The Big Apple…New York City! I competed on several National stages. I love airplanes and traveling with my family. We also take time to see the cities and visit different places where I am competing. My favorite so far has been Little Rock where I was able to visit the school that Ruby Bridges integrated. She is my hero.

How does it feel when you lose a competition?

You can not always win. There are going to be people that are better. You learn. If you do not hear your name, clap for the winner and know you can always come back. Work harder and you will see success.

What advice can you give little girls around the world?

I would encourage them to be friendly, to be humble and confident. Also it’s important to stay healthy… I want to be a farmer when I grow up. And Girls Rule The World!

Do you believe you are a role model?

Well I am just a kid that loves to do pageants and play with my dogs. I want to spread my platform, Your Big day, striving to help kids that struggle with anxieties. I love to help others. I love to see kids smile.

Maddy plans to carry her reign with all the grace, poise, and service. Stay tuned for all the wonderful things Maddy has in store for this upcoming year. You never know where you may see her next!

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