By Guest Blogger Janie Bass, R.O.O.T.S. coordinator and parent

At Redeemer school we live out our motto of ‘lifelong learning grows here.’  We provide an education that is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life, and science of relationships.  Each child is valued as a unique creation of God.  Since we view each child as created in the image of God, we see education as a partnership between the school and parents. This is all part of our Charlotte Mason curriculum that our school uses as its guiding framework.  Charlotte Mason was a 19th Century educator who believed that children would flourish in an engaging atmosphere.

Redeemer believes that all children are learners who will thrive when given the opportunity to excel. A typical day allows children to explore the world around them, read rich literature, make connections using a hands-on approach, spend time in nature, and learn more about how our God of the universe is a part of their everyday lives.

A unique attribute of Redeemer School is that we combine Christian beliefs with a philosophy of education that is developmentally appropriate.  This year we started the R.O.O.T.S. Learning Resource Program to help address the needs of students who need extra support.  The goal of this program is to assist children in becoming perennials and oaks in a world of annuals.  Instead of focusing solely on short terms goals we embrace the whole child and provide differentiated instruction to meet their needs. Too many times specialized learning programs look at short term goals and neglect to evaluate the whole child.  We believe that learning should be authentic even when intervention is needed.  Data shows us that students learn what is interesting, relevant and meaningful.  Therefore, our program focuses on equipping students with strategies and interventions that will allow them to investigate the world around them while learning how to compensate for their unique learning challenge.

Since our core curriculum is based in literature, Redeemer school uses a reading intervention program that is literature based.  We designed our intervention to align with our Charlotte Mason philosophy, so students are still able to experience authentic learning experiences. Charlotte Mason ‘differentiated instruction’ before the term was coined.  Her philosophy of education aligns today with many popular educational theorists. Her unique teaching methods and view of the child came from Scripture: children are image bearers of Christ. Our classrooms spark a love of learning by presenting materials in an authentic manner and an environment that is welcoming to children.

R.O.O.T.S. Learning Resource program provides several tiers of resources for you, your child and his teacher within the context of the rich classroom curriculum.  It also offers outside tutors and specialists coordinated with the school schedule.  In addition, the program provides oversight of screening and the intervention process as well as testing and classroom accommodations.  If you would like to learn more about Redeemer School, please contact Michelle Calhoun by email, call: 336.724.9460, or visit our website!

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