By Guest Blogger Melissa Kinsley, Director Marketing Communications and Admissions at St. Leo Catholic School 

As January ushers in a new year, some of us may resolve to improve an aspect of our lives that may not have been what we expected last year. While others may view the New Year as an opportunity to explore new opportunities. If your New Year resolution includes finding a school for your Prekindergarten, Kindergarten or Middle School Student, St. Leo Catholic School may be just the new opportunity you are seeking for your child.

As you consider your school options, Academics are most likely at the top of your list. St. Leo Catholic School easily checks the “exemplary academics” box as evidenced by their students’ performance on the Stanford 10 which is a national norm referenced achievement test that assesses areas of reading, mathematics, language, listening comprehension, science and social science. In 2018, their 6th grade class ranked in the 80th percentile, 7th grade class ranked in the 77th percentile and 8th grade class ranked in the 80th percentile across the complete battery of subjects assessed.

The school began using the Gates­MacGinitie Reading Test (GMRT) Fourth Edition in the spring of 2011 and every year following for Kindergarten,  1st Grade and 2nd Grade. The GMRT is a diagnostic tool used nationally, which provides teachers with additional data in identification of their students’ general level of reading achievement. The test measures each important stage of reading along the comprehension continuum from listening skills to mature reading comprehension. Their most recent administration of this test was in May 2018 and their Kindergarten class scored in the 94th percentile which is an exceptional achievement.

If finding an affordable school option is at the top of your resolution list, Triad area families have entrusted St. Leo Catholic School to deliver rigorous academics affordably for 65 years. St. Leo meets the financial needs of families through affordable tuition rates and a tuition assistance program. St. Leo’s tuition rate is for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade so families are not paying one rate for a Kindergarten student and another rate for a middle school student. Tuition assistance is available for families who have applied and are accepted. St. Leo values a diverse community and invites families of all faiths and backgrounds to apply.

When asked his opinion on the value of a St. Leo Catholic School education as compared to other Forsyth County School options, Mr. Callus, Principal at St. Leo Catholic School stated, “Imagine you were searching for an investment firm in the area and, after doing all your research, you found one that has a proven track record of providing roughly 10% better return on your investment than the rest of the companies you researched. That is exactly what you are getting from St. Leo Catholic School as backed up by standardized testing data.”

St. Leo Catholic School offers so much more than an exemplary education as evidenced by our standardized test scores and an affordable private school option for families. It also offers the opportunity for your child to grow academically and spiritually. “I chose St. Leo because I really loved the small school and sense of community. I also knew that children were getting a great education along with the Catholic values and traditions that are so important.” Aida Pierre (mother to a rising kindergarten, 8th grade student and alumna).

When you join St. Leo Catholic School, you are joining a close knit community of parents, students and teachers. “This is the 12th and final year, of our kids being at St. Leo and we couldn’t have asked for a better education for our daughter and son,” John Dell (father to a current 8th Grade student and recent Alumna) said. “What my wife and I cherish the most is the well-rounded education our two received while at St. Leo. That education sets them up to thrive in high school and into the college years. When you go to St. Leo you become part of the family, so it’s going to be hard to leave.”

Schedule a private tour today to see for yourself if St. Leo Catholic School is the educational opportunity you’ve resolved to find for your child this year. Or, drop by one of their January Open Houses on Wednesday, January 16th from 11 am to 1 pm and Sunday, January 27th from noon to 1:30 pm. On the 27th they will have story and craft time in our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms as well as a saint wax museum hosted by their middle school in the gym. In the meantime, visit their website and view this video to see what a day in the life of a St. Leo Catholic School student will be for your child.


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