By Rachel Hoeing

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  • Fabu-Life Lifestyle Change
  • Summer Adventures with the YMCA
  • B’Nai SHalom Day School
  • Gift Giving Solution from


Want to feel FaBu-lous this summer?

Have you tried everything to keep excess weight off? Do you eat pretty good but the scale is stuck? Or maybe cravings and time restraints keep you from eating the way you should? Here is the the solution!

This 6-week course will teach you how to turn on your Fat Burning metabolism through eating and exercise. It’s entirely web-based and requires a commitment of less than 15 minutes a day. You’ll learn everything you need to safely and naturally alter your metabolism, stop adding fat to your body, and start burning it off.

ACSM certified personal trainer, nurse practitioner, and nutrition consultant Cathy Gold will walk you through the steps it takes through daily emails, video lessons, live chat sessions, a private Facebook group and more. Next group starts Thursday April 12 for just $99! Details at



Summer is just around the corner and the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina is making it the best ever! New friends, amazing memories, and more games than you can count – summer day camp and YMCA Camp Hanes have it all!!

YMCA Summer Day Camp is centered on core character values, learning, and fun. Each day includes a reading program, STEM activities, swimming and field trips (depending on the camp) all in a safe environment. Ages include preschool, elementary, and teens at various branches. Specialty camps for sports, aquatics, and more also available.

Visit for info!


Experiential Learning at B’nai Shalom Day School

Experiential learning. It’s all the “buzz” but has actually been a teaching philosophy since the ‘70’s.

Experiential learning is a hands-on approach to learning; it’s learning through experiences. It provides students with an active role in learning in the classroom.

At B’nai Shalom Day School in Greensboro, they’re taking experiential learning one step further and pairing it with social justice. For example, if a class is studying food scarcity, the students run their own food drives and visit the food bank. If your child’s class is learning about animal welfare, they work with organizations like the ASPCA or visit a farm to learn to care for animals. Or if your child is learning about immigration, they visit with newly immigrated children and help them adapt to American culture.

B’nai Shalom Day School has been incorporating experiential learning into its curriculum for years and by tying social justice into the experience of learning, it’s providing children with a meaningful education and values outside of the traditional core academics.


Personalized Gift Giving Made Easy

Thinking of someone very dear to you in need of an unexpected surprise? provides a unique solution for busy lifestyles, gift-givers seeking to transform a thoughtful gesture into a moment filled with gratitude. An online shop specializing in stylish gift boxes filled with a selection of reputable brand products from “essential” categories: women’s personal & beauty care, men’s grooming, stationary, wellness, and lifestyle.

Essential Gifting provides the approach and uniqueness of a personal shopper ensuring that every order receive elements of personalization. The gift boxes are elegantly styled with ribbons and embellishments, creating a memorable experience for the recipient. A passion for sharing tokens of generosity, Donna serviced clients as a personal shopper delivering wow-worthy packages to eliminate the perception of extravagance associated with gifting. Donna’s career as a professional marketer has been inspired by global travels using insights to influence creative visions. Subscribe to for the chance to receive a monthly give-a- way.



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