The team at Triad Moms on Main has thoroughly enjoyed dining at a few of our favorite local restaurants and then sharing our experiences with our readers. Last week we were invited to dine at River Birch Lodge, located on Robinhood Road in Winston-Salem. We decided to make it a date night and were able to have a few of our spouses join us for what proved to be an amazing evening.

Although River Birch Lodge is considered a neighborhood favorite for me, our team members from Greensboro and High Point were excited to find that it was an easy trip for them as well, since the restaurant is right off Silas Creek Parkway. River Birch Lodge opened in 2005, and the owners quickly realized they had a favorite spot on their hands that many patrons had been searching for. Due to the fact that Eddie & Michelle Schapira and Scott & Brenda Gerding are local residents themselves, they were able to give this area of Winston-Salem a relaxing restaurant and bar that would quickly become a favorite for families, singles, and date night excursions.

As you can tell from the photos, the atmosphere is one of the most enjoyable parts of River Birch Lodge. In the spring time and early fall I am most likely to be found on the outdoor patio. The indoors are perfect for a drink at the bar, and I love being seated next to the stone fireplace on those chilly winter evenings. Our team member, Dani, felt the same way as she said that her favorite part of the evening was the ambiance. She described it to be very warm and comfortable. As you may have seen on our Facebook page and newsletters, River Birch now has a private dining room, the Canoe Room, with seating available for 30 people or up to 80 people when used in conjunction with the connected outdoor patio space. Customized menus are available for weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons, athletic events, family reunions, and more. It also includes a TV, Computer, Wi-Fi, and a drop down screen, which makes it a great place for business meetings.

Moving on from the atmosphere, we of course were highly impressed with the meal itself. We began with a mix of drinks from the “RBL Bar.” You can choose anything from the “Mountain Man-Hattan” to the “Pineapple Upside Down Cake” martini. RBL also has “growlers” that you can fill with draft beer and take home with you! This is a perfect idea for a night where you want to order a pizza and beer to go!

The appetizer menu made it difficult for us to decide on one app, so we ordered both the Lodge Chips, as well as the Wildberry Brie Platter. Both were delicious, but that brie platter was simply amazing. It was a beautiful display of fruits and phyllo wrapped brie drizzled with blackberry jam. Both plates were empty within minutes. Katie’s favorite app is the Bison and Sausage Cream Cheese Dip, and she said her kids love it, too!

Our teammate, Ashleigh, said her favorite part of our dining experience was the variety of choices on the menu. Not only did she like the options of food, but the range of prices as well. Due to the fact that most of her household is vegetarians, it is often difficult to have dinner out, but she found a wide variety of choices on the menu including salads, pizzas, Grilled Pimento Cheese, Veggie Burger Wrap (my personal favorite!), soups, Ravioli and more. For those who eat fish, you can find anything from Campfire trout, to NC Catfish, to Shrimp & Grits.

For the meat lovers, your mouth will be watering for the Baby Back Ribs, Filet, Hanger Steak, Ribeye, Grilled Duck Breast, Prime Rib, Hickory Grilled Chicken and so much more. Chef Travis knows what he is doing in that kitchen! PLUS, River Birch has an entire Gluten Free menu. Simply ask your server to see one and you will not be at a loss for something delicious.

River Birch desserts include a selection of homemade favorites like cobbler and creme brulee. My husband’s favorite was the cheesecake. In addition, if you are a Midtown Cafe & Dessertery fan, you can find their famous Italian Cream Cake, 5 Flavor Poundcake , and Chocolate Chocolate cake right here as well!

This was a perfect evening for a date night out. We were able to talk across the table without screaming and the entire evening was relaxed and enjoyable. The owners were extremely friendly and did everything within their power to make our evening perfect. (And this is the norm for them. You will often be greeted by Eddie’s infectious smile while dining.) Katie also told us that River Birch is always a go-to place for them when family comes to visit, due to the fact that they offer ten different kids meal options and an amazing brunch menu on Sundays as well.

In the words of these “food critics,” River Birch gets five stars! No one knows better than mom what tastes great and makes for a fine evening out, right?

Be sure to stop by soon and let us know about your experience at River Birch Lodge! Visit their website here and like their Facebook page here to be the first to find out about meal specials and more.

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