RhinoLeap Productions
Sept. 22 – 23, 2023
Sunset Theatre, Asheboro, NC
Tickets only $10, at rhinoleap.com/live

RhinoLeap Productions presents:

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte in their touring productions of…

School House Rock LIVE!

September 22nd & 23rd at 7pm

The pop culture phenomenon hits the stage!  He turns on the TV to relax and is surprised when the voices he hears in his head come to life as characters in the television set! Tom is hesitant at first to accept them, but eventually they help him see how great a teacher he has been all along.

Themes: Friendship, identity, inclusion. Recommended K-5th Grade


Danny, King of the Basement

September 23rd at 2pm

A powerful story that proves home is more than simply where you live.  Danny is the “king of moving.” When he and his mom move into a basement apartment on an upscale street, the kids he meets have more toys, but they seem to have bigger challenges than he realizes. Danny’s imaginative play creates a sense of community that allows his friends to cope with their problems and to help Danny create a new home.

Themes: Friendship, imagination, the power of positivity. Recommended 3rd-5th Grade

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