By Guest Blogger Heather Keenan

My oldest child is seven. With that, a lot of changes are happening. Sometimes hourly, sometimes daily, but they do not go unnoticed. It seems as though she has multiple personalities in that little body of hers, and some are amazing, while others are, well…..let us just count the ways that a seven year old turns.

The Adult:
Nothing brings me greater happiness than a Saturday morning in which I am not in charge of breakfast. I love to hear the ding of a microwave containing silver dollar pancakes for my children that I did not start. I bask in the joy of hearing my younger children being told to sit at the table and wait for their milk when those words were not coming out of my mouth. For this, oldest child, I thank you. Feel free to tackle lunch, too.

The Baby:
The same child that was able to pour milk and dish out syrup covered pancakes just a few hours before is now in the fetal position, crying on her bedroom floor because she was instructed to clean her room and she “just can’t do it!” She has no idea how to fill a toy box with the same toys that she recently took out of it an threw all over the floor. There is no way in hell that she can figure out how to put her socks and underwear away, I mean, no one has every taught her how to open a drawer after all.

The Boss:
This one can go either way. While there are times that I fully appreciate the help of reigning in my other two children, it can quickly get out of hand. It is just a game of Chutes and Ladders, I doubt the world would stop spinning if you just let your little sister spin the spinner for all players rather than turn on your warden voice and tell her that she is breaking all of the rules and that no one will ever want to play with her again. Pick your battles, Number One, believe me, there will be plenty.

The Schmoozer:
How sweet, she is sitting on the couch with me, giving me nothing but hugs and compliments. My perfect, angelic child is back. So nice it is to hear that she loves me and that I am, in fact, the best mom ever. Wait for it…..bam, there it is, what she really wants. This could range from a request for a piece of candy to begging to go to her school skate night. Well played, my child, well played. Who can say no to such a sweet, loving child? Usually, not me.

There are times when it is overwhelming to deal with this bundle of personalities. When they work in my favor it is amazing, and when they don’t it is cringe worthy. That being said I am looking forward to watching them all blend together to make her the person she is meant to be. There is no doubt that person will be awesome. Until then, it is wine ‘o clock as soon as the door closes for bedtime and tomorrow is another day!

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