By Guest Blogger Matt Morrone, DMD, MS

At Triad Orthodontics, we are proud to use traditional braces and/or clear aligners to create beautiful smiles for patients of all ages. Smiles can have a big impact on your life, whether you realize it or not! It is one of the first things people notice about you, and the feature they’re most likely to remember! Multiple studies have shown that an attractive smile can make you seem more approachable, successful, and even more intelligent. While braces are incredibly effective for straighter smiles, they also have a number of lesser-known health benefits that go beyond cosmetic appearance. Braces are an excellent option for correcting several common dental issues including, but not limited to:

  • difficulty chewing or biting
  • misaligned teeth or jaws
  • excessive wear and tear of teeth
  • excessive crowding and spacing between teeth

Traditional braces are made up of metal or ceramic brackets, wires, and tiny rubber bands that hold the wire in place within the brackets. We attach the brackets to the surface of your teeth, and then use the wires and rubber bands to hold the wire in place. These components then work together to exert gentle pressure that will gradually move your teeth into the desired positions over time. When your teeth and jaws are misaligned, it can have an impact on many aspects of your life. Your appearance and oral health may take a hit, and it can even affect everyday activities.


Misaligned teeth and jaws can cause problems with biting and chewing food properly. If left untreated over time, this can lead to excessive wear and tear on your teeth, which can lead to weakening of the teeth or the bone/gums that support them.


Chewing your food is one of the first steps of the digestive process. Misaligned teeth that prevent you from chewing properly can have a detrimental effect on your digestive system, causing food to pass through much more slowly and ineffectively. It also can make it harder for the body to be able to absorb the necessary nutrients it needs throughout the day if your food is not chewed properly.


Misalignment of your teeth and jaws can even affect speech. For instance, misaligned teeth can influence the placement of the tip of the tongue during speech. This is essential to properly form certain sounds (such as “T” sounds). Braces have the ability to help improve these kinds of speech issues in severe cases by bringing the teeth and jaw into proper alignment, thus, allowing the tongue to hit where it needs to during speech.

Oral Health

Teeth that are crooked, crowded or overlapping can make brushing and flossing a serious challenge. When you’re unable to maintain good oral hygiene, it can create compromised conditions for increased plaque and bacteria build-up. This increases your risk for dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. These are relatively common issues, however, utilizing braces to improve the alignment of the teeth can help improve your ability to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

Jaw Alignment

You may notice misalignment of the teeth and jaw affecting your jaw muscles and joints. While these joints will adapt to unfavorable positioning at times, they will often compensate in a way that can cause discomfort and potential damage over time. Straightening teeth is just one part of what we do. At Triad Orthodontics, we provide customized orthodontic treatment plans with braces that can help minimize these issues. We work hard to create beautifully aligned smiles that also function to their fullest potential.

We’ve been providing the best in high-quality, compassionate orthodontic care to families in the greater Triad area and surrounding communities for over five years. Voted 2022 Best Orthodontist by Greensboro News & Record, Yes!Weekly, and the Winston-Salem Journal.

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