By Katie Moosbrugger

What do you get when you mix really hot, humid weather with lots of rain? A good guess would be “springtime in the south.”  But a better guess would be “lots of mosquitoes.” Unfortunately our climate in the Triad is the ideal breeding ground for these pesky pests. And with all this rain these past few weeks, those mosquitos are already starting to multiply.

If you enjoy playing, cooking out and relaxing in your yard, then it’s time to fight these annoying bloodsuckers once and for all! Forget the citronella candles, electric mosquito zapper machines, and those harmful bug sprays (none of those ever work anyway). All you need is The Mosquito Authority of the TriadNow take note: The Mosquito Authority is offering $45 for up to an acre for an initial REPEL+PLUS treatment for all first time customers (just mention you saw this post on TMoM).

Several summers ago, we had our yard treated by The Mosquito Authority in the middle of the summer, and it made a huge difference immediately. For the first several weeks of summer, the kids and I avoided our yard like the plague. It was just miserable to be outside for any period of time. I was initially skeptical that such treatments could be effective and actually control biting mosquitoes? And then what happens after it rains? Well, my skepticism quickly subsided as I realized we were spending days to weeks in our backyard – in the middle of the summer – after several rains – completely mosquito free. I have been thrilled with the service and now I cannot imagine a summer in the south without this type of service.

REPEL+PLUS is also very environmentally friendly. It is built around very strict guidelines put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Mosquito Authority uses a proprietary solution of some of the mildest pesticides ever invented. The solution consists of synthetic versions of all-natural pesticides derived from flowers. Most importantly, they don’t just “spray.” They vary the strength and quantity of their solution based on a variety of factors in order to minimize environmental impact and still effectively control the most dangerous mosquitoes. Some components of REPEL+PLUS use no pesticides at all, actually.

Finally (and most important of all) REPEL+PLUS is100% child and pet friendly. Most of their customers do have children and pets running around. They also service lots of doctors and veterinarians’ homes… even daycares! The solution used is milder than the DEET in bug spray, and it gets rid of the mosquitoes without having to be applied to your skin.

Chip and Shea Crutchfield run the local Mosquito Authority franchise, and have lived in the Triad for over 20 years. They bought the franchise in October 2010 and this is their 5th full season running The Mosquito Authority. They cover Clemmons, Lewisville, Advance, Mocksville, King, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, High Point and Kernersville.

For more information on REPEL+PLUS or Special Event Treatments, call Shea directly at 336-712-5278 or send an email to her at Be sure to “like” The Mosquito Authority of the Triad on Facebook too in order to get the latest updates and news.

Trust me: Once you have REPEL+PLUS on your property you will wonder how you ever lived without this service. Fortunately it’s safe and affordable to continue all summer long. Now it’s time for me to get back outside –  the kids and puppy are waiting to play in the yard!

Have you used The Mosquito Authority? Tell us how their services have changed your life!

Sponsored by The Mosquito Authority of the Triad