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Do you want to look back on gorgeous newborn, baby, or family photos for years to come and fondly reflect back on those memories? Did you have a baby and want to always remember how adorable they looked in those newborn days? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to contact Summer Dunes Photography! Photographer Jiahuan, you can call her Jill, has a gift for taking photos you and your family will simply adore. She captures all those little details that will make your heart flutter every time you look at the photos – no matter how much time has passed!

Summer Dunes Photography

Behind the Lens of Summer Dunes Photography

When you select a newborn or family photographer it’s important to pick someone you connect with and can trust to take photos of those most precious to you.

Originally an engineer, Jill found her love and passion for photography after her first son was born. Today she fully embraces not only her photography business but being a full-fledged boy mom of three sons. Not only are her sons her pride and joy, but they help her be silly which is an invaluable skill for a baby and family photographer. She has a knack for making babies and kids laugh naturally in her sessions for ultimate happy photos!

She loves capturing emotions. When she shares her photos with her clients, she truly loves seeing the joy the photographs of their loved ones bring to them. It reminds her how much she loves looking back at all the photos of when her sons were little.

Summer Dunes Photography

Beautiful and Natural Photos of The Most Precious Creations

While Summer Dunes Photography offers an assortment of photography services, in 2022 Jill began specializing in newborn photography. From one-on-one mentorships with some of the most outstanding newborn photographers in the industry to taking several newborn photographer baby safety courses, as well as obtaining CPR certification focusing on newborn and infant, she has worked hard to build up her knowledge to be a one-of-a-kind newborn photographer in the Triad.

Her newborn photography focuses on using colors, textures, posing and lighting to achieve the most timeless and natural look. She achieves this from her education and experiences learned in a color theory class from a famous artist. It was there she learned what colors, tones, shades, and combinations photograph best.

It is through this experience she is able to take beautiful and natural newborn photos of these most precious creations in the world. She feels they should be the center of the photograph; therefore, does not utilize tons of props to decorate the baby. She focuses on lighting and posing, paired with simple but beautiful and delicate materials, to achieve the timeless style.

Summer Dunes Photography

Why Newborn Photography?

There are so many types of photographs to capture so as a photographer it is often hard to find a specialty. But, Jill knew photographing newborns is one of her passions. She especially loves newborns as she knows it is a precious stage, where they are so tiny and fragile. To her, every little toe, the squishy cheek, and even each eyelash, are such perfect creations of God.

As a mother herself, she understands that stage is also extremely short. It always goes by in a blink of an eye and suddenly they are no longer tiny. Additionally, she also completely relates to the massive change the newborn stage brings. She knows that parents with a new baby are always tired, busy with chores, and simply caring for that newborn, so many of them are not able to slow down and simply adore their precious baby. That is the major reason she wants to capture those moments of newborn innocence, in the most beautiful way. She vows at Summer Dunes Photography to turn parent’s baby photos into art pieces, so every time they look at them it will always bring them joy years after their baby is no longer little.

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Summer Dunes Photography

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