By Suzanne Davis Campbell, Summit School, Class of ‘93

Summit is like family, and for me the beginning of this school year is like returning home for a family reunion. When I walked through the door on that first day of Junior Kindergarten my stomach had butterflies…What is it going to be like? Will it be fun? What will the teachers be like? This time, though, the experience was not for me, but for my little girl entering the same doors I had 28 years ago for my first day of Junior Kindergarten. You know the feeling…starting school, graduation, a presentation…all of these things give us butterflies. But once I got through those doors I remembered my days at Summit as a young student and I sighed with relief.

As I walk into the entrance of Summit, I see both familiar and new faces ready to greet me as if I am the same little four-year-old girl so many years ago. But this time they are here to greet my daughter who is stepping into her Junior Kindergarten class, and they are thrilled to see her as well as her classmates, some familiar with the school and some new to the family of Summit.

To me, there are new faces and new facilities at Summit, but the heart and the principles of the school are the same and so is the stellar educational program that prepared me for advanced coursework in high school and at a nationally ranked university. To my daughter everyone is new and the classrooms are new. To me it is still the same comfy,cozy place where I spent 11 years of my life. During that time I was taught French and Spanish at age 4, I spent a day living and working as a pioneer, and I made a speech in ninth grade to the entire school. I had a starring role in OKLAHOMA! and I had a “Big Friend” who was in fifth grade. I participated in a wide range of sports, created amazing art projects, and, most of all, was taught to respect and love everyone for who they are.

So you see, even though everything is new to her, my daughter already sees Summit as family – not only because she knows I spent my childhood here, but also because of teachers like Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Breakstone who give her the biggest hugs when she arrives and when she leaves. They have already made her feel loved and supported, and it is only the third week of school. No matter how new or old you are to Summit, everyone here is family. The teachers are here with open arms from the first day of Jr. K until the day you graduate and even as you bring your own child back. As an alumna, I have been blessed with not only the opportunity to grow up in the Summit environment of strong ethics and education but now I also have the gift of seeing my child join the Summit family and experience the same wonderful opportunities.

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