This is my son, Jake. He is nine years old, and of course it seems like yesterday that he was learning how to walk and talk. Time is flying and he is growing up way too fast. We have constant reminders of how quickly he is growing up and experienced a humorous one the other day …

During our family dinner Jake says, “Mom and Dad can you do me a favor please and watch your language when my friends are over here?”

My husband and I both looked at each other thinking, “I didn’t curse in front of his friends, did you?” I quickly did the mental scroll through my chats on the phone with friends and wondered if there were kids around listening. I couldn’t remember anything I had done to warrant me needing to watch my language!

So I asked, “What do you mean, Jake?”

“Well, last time when John came by and we were packing up my things so I could spend the night at his house, dad told me to go upstairs and pack my jammies! Jammies, mom! How embarrassing! Please call them pajamas next time.”

My husband and I both burst out laughing and laughed even more when Jake told us that later on that night his buddy John joked around by saying, “Are you going to put on your jammies, Jake?”

Glad the problem was solved, but little does that boy know just how much mom & dad could embarrass him if we really wanted to! (Maybe by doing something like writing about him on a blog that is read by the entire Triad area???)

*Photo Credit: Heather McGinnis Photography