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SWIPEBY, a local startup based in Winston-Salem, NC, aims to make life a little bit easier for moms ordering takeout from local Winston-Salem restaurants. With over 55+ local favorites including Quanta Basta, The Porch, Canteen, Village Juice, Mi Pueblo, and The Loop, SWIPEBY has something for everyone.

“Your local restaurant just got a virtual drive-thru,” says Carl Turner, the founder of SWIPEBY, whose goal is to make great local restaurants more accessible with curbside service. “If you have never experienced curbside service, you have to try it at least once. It is fast, fun, and super convenient,” says Corey Paul, SWIPEBY’s regional market manager.

You may have seen SWIPEBY’s light blue signs around town, which serve as designated parking spaces for its customers.

SWIPEBY is different from delivery as it lets you mobile-order ahead and pampers you with curbside service when you arrive at the restaurant. And forget calling — just open the app to quickly select and pay for the items you wish to order. You’ll never have to unbuckle the young ones or leave your car for a take-out order again because the waiter will bring your food to your car as soon as you arrive. Even better, with SWIPEBY, mobile ordering is always free. You’ll pay the same price as dining in.

SWIPEBY also makes it fun and convenient to discover new places to eat. Corey adds, “My wife and I enjoy using SWIPEBY to discover new places for date night instead of taking the time to Google each and every place. It helps us to quickly decide and find spots we wouldn’t have thought about or otherwise considered.” Many of the menus include pictures so you get a visual experience as well.

Hungry yet? SWIPEBY your favorite restaurant tonight. And for a limited time, use special code AC9D3 to try out SWIPEBY’s always-free curbside service AND receive $10 off your first order.  

Don’t forget to download SWIPEBY in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to gain access to this free service.

Welcome to the future of take-out.

SWIPEBY was founded in 2017 by Wake Forest graduate Carl Turner.

*Sponsored by SWIPEBY