By Bryan Wolfe, Winston Salem Christian School, Head of School

If you have been to Winston Salem Christian School (WSCS), you have met our phenomenal lower school teachers. They are the engine that makes us go. WSCS knows the benefit of veteran teachers. These amazing faculty members lead and mentor new teachers to make the lower school an incredible environment to learn.

Winston-Salem Christian School Teachers

Ms. Quave has led the fifth grade for more than 15 years, instilling a passion for science in every student. She leads the coveted three day Sound to Sea Trip, immersing students in biodiverse habitats and coastal ecosystems.

Ms. Lindon introduces community helpers in her kindergarten class. Plus, she creates phonetic awareness among young learners. Additionally, she has been developing a love for reading in her students for more than 30 years at WSCS.

Winston-Salem Christian School

Ms. Bishop – A Unique Teacher

For anyone who has been around WSCS even a little, they know there is just something especially unique about a teacher who leads the first grade.

Ms. Bishop has helped students develop a love of math, led them in prayer, and introduced them to influential people for nearly 30 years. For example, she’s introduced students to Mayor Allen Joines and Catrina Thompson, the fifteenth Chief of Police and a former WSCS parent.

Ms. Bishop is an experiential teacher who takes her students to “Mars.” Or, she introduces public transportation on a 12-hour field trip that includes a train and bus trip to Charlotte. She also hosts a highly impactful black history fine arts program. This allows WSCS to highlight its place as the most diverse private school in North Carolina.

A Christian leader, Ms. Bishop introduces students to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She celebrates student’s Baptisms and professions of faith. Her impact is evident in her classroom, but her long-term influence is on display when former students return to provide life updates.

Leaving an Impact on Past Students

Dr. Bryan Wolfe, head of school remembers answering the front door to greet a visitor. The guest asked to come and see her first grade teacher.

“I was a little dubious,” he said. “She looked to be in her 20s, a little old for first grade!”

She was a former student who had just completed law school at UNC Chapel Hill. This past student wanted to share her accomplishment with her favorite teacher, Ms. Bishop!

Leading the Way

Loving and caring teachers are the norm at Winston Salem Christian. Each teacher feels called to work in Christian education at this school and impact the lives of students daily. Ms. Bishop continues to lead the way, always reminding her students that they are “children of God!”

Ms. Bishop also serves as school caretaker and prayer warrior for all students at WSCS. If you were one of her first grade students, or an exchange student from one of six continents who attend our school, Ms. Bishop will find a way into your heart!

If you want to learn more about Ms. Bishop and the other amazing teachers at WSCS, please visit We are currently enrolling for the 2023-2024 school year and would love to take you on a tour of our campus.

Once you become a WSCS Lion, Ms. Bishop will greet you at the door every morning, too.

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