By Guest Blogger Anna Hoeing, Highschool Sophomore

The first time I went to Camp Hanes was ten years ago. Most things that long ago are so hard to remember, but that experience will always stick with me. My first time at Camp Hanes I attended Day Camp, where we took the bus home every afternoon and then returned the next morning. I immediately fell in love with it. The people, the environment, the things to do, it is just so different than anything else. The people there make it so easy to be yourself.

Every year that I have gone I have made so many memories. There were quite a few years when I registered for camp without knowing anyone else in my cabin (Overnight Camp), but this is one of my favorite parts! When you get to camp you may not really know anyone, but when you leave you have so many new friends. Everyone is usually from different places and goes to different schools so it is fun to hang out with people who you normally wouldn’t.


Another highlight about camp is the activities. There are so many different activities to do and everyone can choose the ones they want to enjoy. My top two favorite activities are kayaking and climbing. I enjoy kayaking because I have made some funny memories (like when we all tied our kayaks together in a circle and played games), but you also get to learn something new and have fun doing it. The Alpine Tower is what you will master when you sign up for climbing. I enjoy this because yes, it is fun to do, but everyone is so supportive while you’re climbing. Everyone cheers you on and it is such a happy positive environment. Everyone seems to feel a great sense of accomplishment when they reach the top.

Cabin activities are something that every cabin can enjoy. You do activities around camp together and it allows you to get closer with your cabin mates. Last year one of our activities was to try and fit all 13 of our girls in one canoe. I just remember everyone smiling and having such a good time. We were all hesitant about it, but when it was over everyone was laughing and it was one of the highlights of the week. It is the moments like these that make you love camp.

I am a really picky eater, but the food is another part of camp that is like nothing else. You never know what the meal is until you get to the dinning hall. There are always substitutes and vegetarian options if you don’t like what is prepared, but it is usually so good. One of my personal favorites are the smiley fries because everyone loves them and gets so excited when we have them.

Although Day Camp is fun, Overnight Camp has always been my favorite. The things you do at night and in the morning are so enjoyable and we always seem to bond more with others. One year our counselors woke us up by screaming the lyrics ¨Rise and shine and give God the glory glory!!!!¨ It was such a funny way to wake up at 8am. Even at night, we often have dance parties before shower time and I always enjoy talking to my cabin mates about the day. Those are some of the best feelings in the world.


Every morning after breakfast you go to chapel. Chapel is where we sing and just preach and share stories about God. When I was younger, I used to not understand the purpose of chapel very much, but now it is another one of my favorite parts. I love singing songs and hearing stories from other people. Chapel is a time where everyone comes together and has a good time sharing their faith.

I highly suggest sending your kids to Camp Hanes because it is an experience they will never forget.

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