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The Montessori School of Winston-Salem: An independent school that serves children 1 ½-12 yrs old

Come explore one of Winston-Salem’s best-kept secrets – The Montessori School of Winston-Salem! Maybe you’ve heard some good things from your friends and colleagues about Montessori, but only vaguely understand how it differs from a conventional school. Well, let’s clear up that fog and give you some hard facts about our Montessori school.

Let’s start in the beginning. Our school has a long tradition of supporting W-S parents and their children … 40 years to be exact! About 8 years ago, we designed and built a state-of-the-art school on a sprawling 8-acre campus in a quiet residential area of Clemmons. Currently over 200 students, from toddlers to 6th graders, burst through our doors each morning, eager to start another day of discovery!

Although you may think that our beautiful school and campus are what differentiates us from a conventional school, you’d just be scratching the surface. It’s what happens inside our classrooms and within our school community that are our most distinctive qualities:

• Hands-on learning: We know that kids love to touch things … that’s how they learn. In a Montessori classroom, children use all their senses to explore and manipulate our scientifically designed materials. Our students actively engage in their learning, joyfully exploring all facets of our integrated curriculum. The teachers painstakingly prepare their classrooms, carefully planning what goes in… and what stays out… to ensure each individual child has what he/she needs to optimally learn and grow.
• Multi-age groupings: As humans, we naturally learn with and from each other. Why does that need to stop when we go to school? Well, at our Montessori school it doesn’t! While students work independently with deep concentration to explore things that excite their passions, they also freely share their knowledge and collaborate with others. Have you heard that collaboration is among the newest buzzwords in education? Well, Montessori students have been collaborating and learning from each other for over 100 years!
• Peaceful classrooms: Because conflict is a natural part with being human, we help children develop skills to work through disagreements in a way that is kind and respectful. Learning when and how to say no, learning how to wait patiently, learning to control our impulses … these are not easy things for children to master. That is why our teachers model these positive behaviors and patiently and lovingly create safe classrooms for the children to learn these important life skills.
• Gifted Montessori-Trained Teachers: Our teachers bring the richness of their diverse backgrounds and life experiences to their classrooms, yet they all share a single passion for working with children. In addition, each teacher has also received specialized Montessori training at a Montessori training center. On a daily basis, these dedicated professionals inspire and challenge the children helping to bring out the best in each student.
• It takes a village: Unfortunately, children do not come with owner’s manuals, it’s all “on the job training” for us parents. At times we may feel like we’re in a parent wasteland, devoid of helpful assistance for our daily parenting needs. At our school, our teachers and staff value and nurture our parent partnerships, continually strengthening our ties with parents. We know that informed, confident parents help develop independent, confident children.

Is your interest piqued? Want to learn more?

• Visit our school’s website at wsmontessori.org
Sign-up to attend one of our Prospective Parent Open Houses – June 4 & 18, July 9 & 23
• Contact our Director of Admissions, Trish Corbett, at 336.766.5550.

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