By Jayna Patterson

My 7 year son is in a Spanish Immersion program at school and my sister’s daughter, my 4 year old niece, is currently enrolled in a French Immersion preschool.  Over the holidays my sister and her family came to visit us.  My niece and and my son were having fun naming all the different words for body parts they had been learning.  My son naming body parts in Spanish and my niece naming them in French.

That evening, they were getting ready for bed and were using the bathroom together.  (I know – recipe for disaster.)   I have two sons, and I have yet to teach them about different body parts on females.  So, when it was my son’s turn to use the bathroom, my niece said to her mom, “Look mom, he has a penis!”  My sister replied, “Yes, he does.  He is a boy.”  My niece then replied, “But I have a vagina.”  My sister said, “Yes you do- you are a girl.”  My son then looked at his cousin and said, “Hey are you talking French again!!!??”

Guess it is time for an anatomy lesson.  🙂

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