I heard this funny story on a radio program after Christmas last year.  This particular family who called in had been in the midst of a really tough time economically.  Both parents were out of work and obviously, there was not an abundance of money sitting around to use for presents.  The only thing the daughter had asked for that year was a Barbie Car.

The parents heard about this car nonstop.  When the daughter went to sit on Santa’s lap, she was gleaming as she spoke of her Babrie Car that she wanted sitting under the tree.  Her parents did not want to disappoint her, and decided they would do whatever it took to get the money for this Barbie car so their daughter could ride around in the driveway and have her friends join her on the ride.

Well, they did it, and Christmas morning, they sat with anticipation as their daughter entered the room and saw her car sitting next to the tree.  All of a sudden, the daughter started to cry.  “That’s not what I wanted!” she wailed.  “Where is my Barbie car?”

Mom and Dad were perplexed and obviously disappointed.  “This is exactly what you asked for, sweetie!  Wasn’t Santa wonderful to bring you this car that you can ride in?”

“No! I wanted the little car that my Barbie could ride in!”

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