Welcome to another edition of the Sunday Funnies.  This week, I have gathered a few kid quotes from my girlfriends, Kelly, Kathy and Kathleen.  Thanks for your stories, ladies.  I hope they make our readers chuckle!  If any of our readers have funny stories or videos to share, please email me at Rachel@triadmomsonmain.com.

Enjoy …

From Kelly:

We went to see some Irish dancers (the Riverdance kind) who were middle-school age. They had traditional dresses and the wigs with springy curls. After they were finished, my three-year-old turned to me and said (in a loud voice, of course), “Mom, when are they going to start taking off their clothes?” I am sure he meant change out of their costumes…

A conversation with Reid –
“Mom, I really want to go to Tennessee.”
“So I can see all of the Tennis courts.”
(Get it? Tennis-see?)

Our four-year-old climbed into bed with us a while back. He said he had a bad dream. I asked him what the dream was about. He said, “Well, a monster talked to me. And I just didn’t know what to say!”

From Kathleen:

My son, Michael, is prone to bathroom accidents when he is tired and/or sick (he is both today).  I hear him call to me from the other room:

Michael: “Mom, I leaked!”
Me: “Oh, where?” (hoping not in my computer chair)
Michael: “From the middle of my penis!”

From Kathy:

My son Logan jumped in his bed one night and cuddled up with his stuffed Buzz Lightyear.  As he did so he said, “I wish I had a big soft Woody, too!”


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