Today’s “Sunday Funnies” is dedicated to all the men we love in our lives. They’re always out to fix something – and they won’t settle until they find a solution. Sometimes they leave you in awe; sometimes they leave you in wonder. Either way, here’s to them for trying! Maybe you’ve seen some of these pics that illustrate their resourcefulness. A viral email is circulating showcasing the following pictures and captions…below are a few of my favorites and they’re hilarious. Kudos to and for capturing these shots.

So, if you need to ask the man in your life to fix something, don’t show him these photos first. It might be fodder for disaster! These are priceless…

Don’t have a spoon? I can fix that!

New TV too big for the old cabinet? I can fix that!

No ice chest? I can fix that!

Satellite go out in the rain? I can fix that!

Not sure what this solved or what the problem originally was? Either way, I fixed it!

Display rack falling over? I can fix that!

Too tired to hold the bottle? I can fix that!

Cables falling behind the desk? I can fix that! (This is actually quite ingenious with paper clips!)

And for the clincher…
Out of diapers? I can fix that!

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