By Scott Rigdon, daddy and author of ThreeFiveZero blog

I’m not a morning person.  At all.  If you can communicate with me at all in the first 30 minutes I’m awake, you’re doing well.  But a smile?  Not likely.  Laughter?  Not gonna happen before 10am…

Except this Saturday morning, as I walked down the hall, and I heard the familiar sounds of my son Ezra screeching around a race course, playing his Saturday morning ‘extra video game time’…  (You see, on Saturday mornings, as long as I get to sleep in, I don’t count any extra time with the Playstation that happens before my eyes open…  win/win!!!)

Well, the first thing I noticed was that Ezra was driving a school bus around a figure-8 race track…  and not doing too shabby a job of drifting it around turns!  Next, I noticed that he was… going the wrong way!  On-coming cars screeching and swerving wildly to avoid full frontal impact…  Ahhh, that’s my boy!!!

Ezra-  “If I crash all the other cars, I win in 1st place, because I’m the only survivor!!!”

Me-  “Bwahahahahah!!!  Buddy… that’s…  I’m so proud!!!”

Ezra-  “I especially like it when I come around the turns, and they don’t see me in time to swerve, and I ram them head-on.  I call it ‘Peek-a-Boom’!!!”

Me-  *laughs until it hurts…*

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