Welcome to another edition of The Sunday Funnies. Today’s funny is for all you Catholic parents who are getting your second graders ready to receive First Communion in a few weeks. My mother recently reminded me of this story (I barely remember it). Since Rachel recently put herself out there with an embarrassing story, I thought it was a good time to do the same myself.

It was the Sunday after I received First Communion, and I was at Mass with my family. My mom said she remembers glancing at me halfway through Mass, and saw me sitting upright with my hands held in position all ready to receive the Eucharist (both hands out and cupped). She thought it was precious, and was proud of me for being so eager and ready. After a couple of minutes she kept noticing me rock my hands back and forth like I was trying to keep something cradled inside. This went on for a bit, and when she looked closer she saw I had a slab of melted butter in my hands. I was trying desperately to keep it from spilling out of my hands. (How I was able to hold butter in my hands during the entire ride to church, get in and out of the car, and sit with it through half of Mass is beyond me). She became mortified and immediately grabbed tissues from her purse to blot up the butter from my hands.

After Mass she asked me what in the world was I doing, and said I replied with a look like ‘Duh? How can you not understand?’ and said, “Mom, that bread is so dry. I just thought a little butter might help.”

Here’s hoping none of your little angels recreate this scenario for you in a few weeks! And whatever you do, don’t share this story with them! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂