Some of you might remember my recent post about bringing my new baby, Chloe, home. I was going through some serious new baby considerations (a.k.a. mid-life crisis-about-to-enter-new-decade-in-my-life) and then came back to reality and settled for a puppy instead.

Sure there are some similarities to being a “new mom” (like I write about in my post), but then again, not so much. There’s one thing no one ever told me about: baby puppy teeth! Razor sharp puppy teeth. Millions of them that never stop chomping no matter what chew toy, bone, shoe, stuffed animal, pillow, Barbie doll, Hotwheels car, or whatever I can possibly find in a moment’s notice to stop her from biting me. It’s out of control, and everyone in my house looks like an addict with arms full of criss-cross cuts and train track scabs. This biting insanity has to end soon or I am going to lose it.

Someone recently sent me this video clip (when we were dog shopping) that not only cracked me up, but also reminded me that things can – and will – get better in time. For all of you considering a family dog, this is a must-see. My kids loved watching it (after they stopped crying from all the puppy biting!). Enjoy!