Back in March I wrote a Sunday Funnies post about my daughter Anna and her “Anna-isms.” You can read it here. I have written a few more quotes down this year and decided it was time to share more. I would love to hear some of the funny things your kids say, too! Comment below!

On to the Anna-isms …

One day her brother, Jake, was trying on a shirt and could not get his head through the hole. Anna stated very nonchalantly, “My brother has a big head … just like Hello Kitty.”

We decided it would be fun to start watching the show Survivor as a family. After a couple episodes, Anna says, “Know what I would do if I were on Survivor? I would make a sand castle.”

Last year on April Fool’s Day the kids went around making random comments all day and would exclaim “April Fools” after each one. The best was when she walked into the kitchen where my dad was standing and yelled, “Hey Poppop, you have a banana in your pants! April Fools!” She thought she was hilarious when the entire room erupted in laughter.

Our priest talked about material possessions one day at church and emphasized how we shouldn’t want all kinds of gifts and material objects, but instead just relish in our love for one another. Anna leaned over to me and said, “Mom, you actually don’t have to worry about showing us you love us, you can just keep giving us presents.” (Hey, at least she was listening in church, right?)

I bought the new Tony Bennett “Duets” CD. My kids hate it and asked me to stop playing it. Anna said, “The only song I like on there is That’s Why the Lady is A Champ.”

Last month she asked, “Mom, are we going to the Disney Classic Fair this year?”

And finally, as we were trimming her fingernails one day she stated, “I actually like to keep my fingernails long so that I can scratch Jake better when he bothers me.”

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