By Julie Giljames

From my sweet little five year old . . .

As we sit down for dinner one Saturday, my husband returning from washing his hands asks, “Who left some kids in the pool?”  (AKA “Who forgot to flush?”)

The denial started, and the mystery began to be unraveled. It seems that only one of my two sons had been inside in the last hour.  The interrogation follows.

Dad: “Well if your brother and I stayed outside then who- WHO could it be?”

D: With his eyes squinting and his finger posed thoughtfully on his chin, “It was a unicorn.”

Dad & O: “A UNICORN!”

D: With a serious, straight face, “Yeah.  I saw him.”

O: “Oh yeah, what color was his tail?”

D: Totally serious, “Pink with glitters.”

Dad: “What I don’t understand is why didn’t he flush?”

D: “Wellll, he doesn’t have hands, so he couldn’t.”  Takes bite of food.

O: “If he didn’t have hands, how did he sit on the pot?”

D: “That’s a tricky one.  He backed up and then plopped on the pot.”

O:  “Really?”

D:  “Yep.  That’s right.”

Dad:  “I’m gonna have to watch out for that unicorn.”

We now as a family regularly blame the unicorn messy rooms, pee on the pot seat, and toothpaste in the sink.

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