Time for another Sunday Funny.  We hope you all had a great holiday week and enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations!

As I scrolled through Facebook the other day I ran across this post from the previous evening and literally laughed out loud.  My friend Kelly had a simple post asking for some ideas for her kids for the following day.  Two of her friends (who I need to meet one day because they are hilarious) took it from there and I will let you see for yourself the conversation that came about.

Kelly Need a fun, crafty idea for kids tomorrow. I need a day off from the pool.

BRIAN Whatever you decide I believe winning will be involved

 JOE make a shank out of a plastic spoon, could be helpful if they ever go to the “big house”

 BRIAN Listen to Joe, Kelly it’s a great idea
 BRIAN The strategy of Having a large stash of cigarettes is also important to know too. You never know when they’ll come in handy

 JOE yea, learning how to make a handcuff key out of a paper clip is also a good idea!

 JOE you can make a whole day of it, they can make wine in the toilet bowl, dress them up in little striped outfits, kelly can be the warden, have random cell searches, see if you can find thier hooch and shanks. Not only entertaining but educational!

 BRIAN  I like it Joe! You’re rolling ! Kelly I think the rest of the week is planned!
 BRIAN  And don’t forget the lessons about the birds and bees!
 JOE  shoot i will even join in, i will play the role of a visitor trying to smuggle in some contraband!
BRIAN  Wish I was there we could set up a plastic see through wall and have phones on each side and play prison visit talk

JOE  brian , you could play thier attorney, strategizing a plan to get them out!

JOE  i should be a preschool teacher! I missed my calling!

 BRIAN  Great idea! We could have a visitors log and the kids’ friends could sign in and visit and talk to them on the phone through the glass

 JOE  thats perfect

 BRIAN  You are a born educator Joe! I’m going to call you the professor from now on

 JOE I like it ! My only concern is for the children!JOE  These are skills that just are not taught in the “mainstream schools” and then one day you find yourself in the pen and you have no idea what to do

BRIAN  You have a gift to share with the world

 JOE  I have many gifts to share with the world my friend, just not enough time in the day
 BRIAN  Amen to that! Your gifts never end!

 BRIAN  I guess Kelly went to bed

JOE  Now its time for some rest! Lots of preparing to do!

 JOE  She must be writing down our ideas!

JOE  maybe sharing them with her friends
BRIAN  Busy day ahead! Costumes to make. Sets to build, shanks to make! 

 JOE  well if they are bored tomorrow its nobody’s fault but her own! We made some great suggestions!
BRIAN  That has to be it she’s got lots of writing to do! Isn’t Kelly lucky she has helpful friends like us?
 BRIAN  The kids will be begging Kelly to play prison for years!

 JOE  no doubt! goodnight
 BRIAN You too!