By Guest Blogger Hannah Tollison

Serve. Acknowledge. Give. Those are my tips to feel purposeful, accomplished, useful, and, well, successful.


Serving is what I do 24/7. I homeschool two out of four of my kids. Simultaneously, when I’m schooling, you can catch me juggling that while entertaining my baby, cleaning up after my three-year-old, taking a mouthful of chips as I go, running errands, cooking. All the fun things. Consequently, it’s often hard for me to see that I am actually serving, or to acknowledge that fact. This is because I often feel consumed in it. I’ve tricked myself to believe it’s not as good as if it were bigger and better and to someone else, who might just be a little more appreciative than said littles.


This is simple. At church on Sundays, we get the opportunity for a, “meet and greet,” with others. I usually try to find the ones who look like they might not see a lot of faces or get a lot of handshakes/high fives/fist pumps. Additionally, you can apply this logic outside of church easily. Library. School. Grocery store. Salon. Drive thru bank tellers. Mechanics. I mean, anywhere. You want to make those around you feel seen and heard.


Last tip I want to share. This isn’t exclusive to money. When I’m driving my minivan full of kids all throughout town and we so happen to see people on the side of the road, for example, sometimes I have nothing tangible to give so I feel bad and it shows in my actions towards them, indirectly. Nevertheless, I always have a smile to give. It’s so cheesy, but so meaningful and impactful.

Bottom line: the best way for me to feel successful in life is if I can see a little of what I’ve-not only taught but-modeled for my kids to hopefully emulate in their own lives.

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