By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

Fall is the perfect season to contemplate ways we can make a positive impact in our state. It is the time of the year we might consider so many issues such as politics, the health of our families, and even the beauty the season brings.

The following are five major ways we could make a positive impact in our state and really reap the benefits as individuals and as citizens in our respective states.

1. Be Health Conscious

Personally, I like to start from a place of optimism. It is a not a passive optimism, however. It requires a purposeful decision to take vitamins and dress appropriately for the weather, for example. Be aware of the passing pandemic, and seasonal immune busters that show up during this part of the year such as RSV and the Flu. A sure way to enjoy the season is to be healthy and be considerate of those around you. Avoid spreading sickness at work and school and remember (respectfully), a cough is covered by the inside of your elbow-not your hand.

2. Politics can be Peaceful

Take advantage of your rights to express your well thought out considerations for candidates. Vote in the elections in your state. If you have the strength, consider running for office. Sometimes the best candidate is you! Try to remember that running for something is always more peaceful than running against something. Competition can be rewarding and winning can be peaceful.

3. Support Equity

The season is all about reaping the harvest. A harvest is meant to be full and abundant. If we plant good seeds, we will reap the benefits. We can support our needs and the needs of others without feeling the need to take support from others. Equity involves everyone having their basic needs met without shaming or purposeful withholding. It is ok that I have more than enough. It is not ok if I want you to have less than what you need. It is not ok if I want you to have less than what you need because you do not look like me or agree with me on issues.

4. Recycle Reuse Reduce

This is a wonderful time to clean out the closets and donate what you do not use. It is a great time to consider how you can use less. Plus, it’s an exciting time to consider how you can reduce the pollutants you and your family contribute to your state. This could also be a great family project to help teach children how they could make an impact in their state with something they can understand more readily than say politics or racial equity.

5. See the Beauty

Fall is an exciting time of the year, no matter what state you reside in, to take in the beauty of the change going on in the landscape. In addition to seeing the fall colors and the buildings coming up or going down in the rush to beat the winter, Autumn is the perfect season to learn fun facts about your state. Take a drive to your capital city, talk about who your state politicians are, view a couple major cities and landmarks, or have fun quizzing one another on the state flower, state bird, or even famous people from your state. Breathe in the fresh air and take in the wonder of Autumn.

When we view our lives’ in a more positive light, we can start to feel more positive. Some of us can easily see our positive impact in our daily life but we may have a harder time seeing how we fit in the bigger world. Taking the opportunity to choose just one of these suggestions to make a more positive impact in our residential state can help us see how we matter in the big scheme of things. Try at least one of these suggestions and you and your state (Pun intended) will be happier for it!

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