By TMoM Team Member Dennette Bailey

The year 2022 is the year of positive impact. Educators like myself tend to believe that one of the best ways to make a positive impact is to give children a strong educational start. There are many methods to help our children besides direct instruction. Providing consistent support in school is a tremendous way to have an impact on our children’s success.

Therefore, consider these ideas, and you and your child are bound to experience an increase in satisfaction with the educational system.

Making a Positive Impact

1 – Volunteer in the school building

Your contribution is invaluable. I do not know one teacher that would not welcome having someone to make copies, file children’s work, monitor the hallways and parking lots, or simply be available to let a teacher use the restroom. Your presence in the school building is gold. Even if your school has precautions for Covid, your willingness to pick up papers form the office to copy and bring back for example, would be greatly appreciated. Be creative, and your presence will be appreciated.

2 – Participate in the PTA

For example, start slow and steady. Attending the meetings and knowing what is going on the school is the beginning of being an advocate for your child and a co-educator with your child’s teacher. An active Parent Teacher Association at your child’s school is associated with better outcomes for the students. Attend and listen this year. Next year, become more involved. The key is to participate.

3 – Attendance is Required

Every day is an important day during the school year. Field trips or parties are just as significant as the days the regular curriculum is taking place. These are days your child has more time to practice social skills. The ability to empathize, communicate and make friends will help your child be a well-rounded student and a confident citizen. Also, if your child misses a day of school, be sure they ask for the work that was missed and complete it.

4 – Communicate your Limitations

More than likely there is a list of supplies that your school requires and deadlines to have these materials. Communicate with the teacher if you are unable to provide all the things on the list. This will allow the teacher to plan and appropriately address the needs in the classroom. For example, if you cannot supply the five boxes of Kleenex, but you happen to have one hundred pencils, communicate your willingness to contribute the alternate materials.

5 – Ask for Help

You do not need to know everything your child needs to be successful in school. However, expect to receive instruction and guidance from the experts (educators and administrators) on this process. Ask questions. Inquire what your child is supposed to know. At curriculum night, ask for an explanation of what your child will learn. Ask what you can do to help your child be successful in the class. Question whether there are any supports to help your child have a successful school year.

In the End

Often, we burden ourselves with trying to achieve a plethora of goals and then we may experience anxiety or shame if we feel we have not achieved these goals. An impactful year is one in which we recognize various methods that could aid us, such as the top five ideas above, and make the decision to focus on one or two so that we can really feel the impact. Try one of these methods, feel the impact, and have a great and safe school year!

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