We know you’re busy getting a head-start on your holiday shopping, and so are we. Just like we said before, we don’t want to take away from spirit of Thanksgiving, but sometimes you just have to be realistic!

Today’s post features some of the more popular toys for toddlers. Similar to Lisa’spost last week, I searched various sites (Toys R Us, Target, Parenting, and Babble.com) to find out what they’re saying are the hot picks, and then I narrowed it down their choices by what looked the most appealing to boys and girls in this age group. I also included tried ‘n true toddler toy picks from some of us on the TMoM team at the end of this post. Happy shopping!

This Year’s Top Picks

~ Kiddi-o Air Tire Tricycle
A tricycle is a must for kids this age, and this one helps take the strain off mom and dad’s back while they push their toddler around for hours. It worked great for us!

~ Little Tykes Cozy Truck
This roomy pick-up truck is sturdy enough to last through the years, beginning with those who are just learning to walk. Plus the realistic, colorful dashboard will keep your child entertained and impressed. (See picture to the right)

~ Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Products
Every web site I researched for top toddler toys had at least one Laugh & Learn product on it’s list. They are all cute and I’m sure any any one of these would be a big hit.

~ WonderWorld Wonder Glow Blocks
Blocks should be a staple on every toddler wish list, and these were listed as a top pick with Babble.com for its bright colors and it’s non-toxic, eco-friendly design. (Pictured left)

~ Playskool Poppin’ Park Press ‘N Pop Pinball
Anything with lots of sounds and popping balls is a favorite for this age group (I have another similar toy listed below under TMoM picks), and this one was a list topper for Babble.com.

~ Lego Read & Build Peekaboo Jungle
This toy is a great introduction to Lego’s Duplo Bricks with easy-to-follow instructions, colorful bricks, and a cute story to go with it!

~ Plasma Bug
This one was a favorite with Parenting magazine. Its size makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and it’s design is adorable! (See picture to right)

~ Alex Busy Beads Maze
Activity tables are perfect for this age, and this one is small enough to tuck away when you’re not using it, yet it has a ton of activities to engage your child when it’s out for play!

~ Pip Squigz
I wish these were around when mine were toddler. These bright and cheery suction cup can be used for entertaining and for building. Perfect for home, the bathtub, the stroller, and when traveling. They also make Squigz for older kids who like to create!

~ P’kolino Multi-Solution Shape Puzzle
I love wooden puzzles and these come recommended by Parenting magazine for their smart designs. Perfect to help promote creating thinking, reasoning and problem solving at a young age.

TMoM Team Member Picks

~ Train Tables
Both of my kids (boy and girl) adored their wooden train sets and table. It’s a great gift that you can keep adding to.

~ Playskook Busy Ball Popper
This toy was always a big smile maker for both of my children. I still remember the hours of laughter!

~ Leap Frog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket
Ashleigh’s daughter got this gift at age 1 and, at age 3 1/2, she still plays with it. All the kids in her house love this toy! (Pictured right)

~ Fisher Price Bubble Mower
Ashleigh’s son received this at age 2, and years later, it’s still a hit for all her kids when they go outside.

~ Do A Dot Art Marker Rainbow 6-pack
Dani suggests this simple (and not-so-messy) craft set for the young ones!

~ Kid O A to Z Magnatab
Learning letters has never been more fun for Dani’s kids!

~ Classic Balance Bike
This bike (and similar versions) always makes the top gift lists year after year, and it’s been widely popular in Dani’s home too! (Pictured left)

~ Costumes (can be found at a variety of retailers)
Kelly says costumes never went out of style with her toddlers no matter the season!

~ Crafts (found at numerous toy, art and craft shops)
Sloan has always kept a variety of age-appropriate craft projects in her home ever since her kids were of toddler age.

What other toys can you add to this list? Don’t forget to re-visit Lisa’s post from last week. Some of the toys she suggests are perfect for toddlers too.