By Sarah Scott, author of The Great Scott Blog 

We (at Triad Moms on Main) often get asked if we organize public play groups, or if we can recommend such groups. Since we don’t coordinate play dates like these, we were thrilled when Sarah offered to write a blog about all the different groups available to moms (and dads!) in the Triad, including a group she recently started. If you’re looking for a play group, chances are good you’ll find one from the information Sarah provides! If you know of other groups not listed below, please add them as a comment after this blog. Thanks! ~ Katie

Are you looking for an age-appropriate Triad area playgroup for your baby and/or toddler? There are some excellent playgroups in our area offering exciting opportunities for you to meet new friends and even exercise with your little one!


The Babyhood (Triad Area) Playgroup:

The Babyhood is a unique new playgroup for babies that I created. As a former special education teacher turned stay-at-home mom, I identified a need for a playgroup that celebrated my son’s BABYhood. This social, developmentally appropriate, and creative playgroup is open to parents and their babies (0 months – 18 months). The idea is to create a supportive group of parents and babies that can grow and learn together. The playgroup has a Meetup website, a playgroup blog, and a Facebook page! (The picture above is from this play group)

Parents of Winston-Salem Playgroup (formerly “Stay at Home Moms and Dads of Winston-Salem Playgroup”)

This playgroup is for parents in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas who stay at home either full time or part time with their little ones. The activities are developmentally appropriate for preschoolers but babies are often welcome. You simply need to check with the organizer for the play date you want to attend to make sure.

Winston-Salem Haulers and Crawlers Playgroup

This group was started to build lasting friendships for parents and their children and it is capped to 30 members so that they can build close bonds with members and their families. The group plans a variety of activities (in and around Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, etc) to socialize, entertain, and educate their children, from babies to preschoolers!

Stroller Strength Fitness Group (Winston-Salem and Surrounding Areas)

Calling all moms who want to get a great workout and have fun with their kids, all at the same time! Come get fit withStroller Strength! Grab your kids, your stroller, towel or yoga mat, dumbbells if you have them, some water, and join the fun! Stroller Strength is a workout group, a play date, and a Mom support network all rolled into one! No matter your age, your child’s age, or your fitness level, you will leave feeling healthy, energized, and recharged! I have personally been a member of Stroller Strength for several months now and I can’t imagine life without it! I am so grateful for the support this group provides. I’ve made some wonderful friends and my son enjoys his time with the other babies/toddlers. I’ve lost the baby weight and continue to improve my fitness/endurance at every class. I highly recommend it! Don’t feel intimidated and give it a try! The first two classes are free so you can try it before you commit to it.

Additional Groups Around the Triad

K’Ville Mamas
“Whether you’re new to motherhood, new to Kernersville, or just looking to make new friends, we may be the right group for you! We’re a stay at home moms group that meets on a regular basis to enjoy time out of the house with fellow mommies and of course to let the little ones play! Since we often host playdates in our members homes, we have opted to maintain a small active membership where everyone can get a chance to know one another. If you are interested in joining, please submit a profile and we will contact you with information about our new member events. Our “About Us” page provides more information on our group and you are welcome to contact an organizer if you have questions.”

Greensboro Single Parent Group
“This group is intended to host kid friendly activities for single parents, for the socialization and betterment of parents and kids. OK, that wording is a bit lofty. Let’s say socialization for the sanity of the parents with people who understand the challenges of single parenthood, but don’t feel the need to discuss them. We want fun individuals with good personalities, moms and dads who love their kids and want to spend time with them, but would also like adult interaction. A playgroup for adults and kids. No activities have been planned yet, as I just decided to do this, but ideas include movie nights, Children’s Museum, and whatever ideas you come up with or I can steal from similar groups. I also intend to have a few nights out without the kids.”

Greensboro Children’s Playgroup
“A playgroup for parents with children of All Ages in the Triad area, Greensboro, Hight Point, Jamestown and ALL other surrounding towns. All families welcome at this playgroup, working and stay at home parents! We offer many events & activities for everyone.. Park Playdates, In Home Playdates, musuems, walks, storytimes, indoor play places, so much more! Our Calendar is always full! We invite you to join our growing playgroup..where we Learn, Grow & have Fun together!”

The MOMS Club of Greensboro East
“The MOMS Club of Greensboro-East, NC is a local chapter of the International MOMS Club, an international support group for stay-at-home moms.  MOMS Club means Moms Offering Moms Support, and it is recognized as a non-profit 501(C)(3) public charity under the educational and charitable categories.  We support mothers who choose to stay at home with their children, either full-time or part-time, and who are interested in a variety of activities for themselves and their children.  Through our activities, we offer a community where both moms and children can make friends, have fun and participate in community service projects.”

Hillsborough/Mebane/Burlington Area Moms Meetup Group
“The Hillsborough/Mebane/Burlington Area Moms group was created for Moms in our area to have a great place to meet and arrange playdates, Mom’s nights,etc. The goal of the group is to plan playdates, night’s out and make new friends.”

Do you have other public play groups you can add to this list? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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