By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing 

Triad Moms on Main continues to grow, and as we do, we need more help! We love to welcome local moms to our team and have two positions we are currently looking to fill!

Calendar Entry Position

As you know, we have an extensive event calendar that we populate with local events each week. This includes events that are sent to us by local business, as well as Facebook events. In addition, we have a master list of popular Triad venues that we go through each month and add their activities to our community calendar.

We are looking for a person who can work from home to add these events to our calendar. This is an independent contractor position. It will include weekly and monthly updates. You will average about 10 hours of work per month, and will earn $150/month. We will warn you in advance that this job can be very mundane since it is basically just data entry, so this person needs to be someone who can focus for long periods of time and manage time wisely.

Furthermore, we have high expectations for accuracy and timeliness. The job will allow you to work flexibly, but we do ask that the time you dedicate is uninterrupted. Stopping and starting while juggling other things often leads to mistakes! If you are interested, email Katie at with your resume.

Instagram Manager

Our current Instagram manager is amazing with her content! She will be rotating off of this position this fall, so we are looking for her replacement. This job is also an independent contractor position, and includes posting on Instagram twice per day and posting in IG stories every 2-3 hours between 7am – 7pm. Almost all content will be created by you. We will train you and include suggestions of content ideas. You will also use Facebook posts (uploaded by other team members) to generate some of your ideas for Instagram.

For this position, we require previous knowledge of creating stories, reels, and social media images. You will earn $150/month for this position.

Once again, we have high expectations for accuracy, correct grammar, engaging content, and a dedication to helping our page grow. If you are interested, email Rachel at with your resume.

Guest Bloggers

In addition to our two paid positions, we are always looking for volunteer guest bloggers. Simply email Rachel with your blog idea or completed blog for consideration.

Guest blogs must:
– Be between 500-800 words of text
– No mention any one specific business (this is considered a paid advertisement)
– Cannot link back to any business
– If you have a personal blog not for monetary gain, we are happy to link back to that in the byline for added traffic to your blog
– Must not include any affiliate marketing links
– Be a topic that is approved by the TMoM Team

We cannot guarantee if/when a guest blog will run. We keep all guest blogs on file and run them as spaces become available on our editorial calendar. There is no compensation for a guest blog.

We look forward to finding more incredible women to join our team for these two positions!!


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