By Rachel Hoeing

In today’s Sunday Spotlight:

– A Step Ahead Academic Center
– Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
– Travel Plans for 2019


A Step Ahead Tutoring

A Step Ahead is a private tutoring center located in Clemmons, serving pre-kindergarten through college-level students in all core subject areas.

Tutors at A Step Ahead believe every student has the ability to learn and feel successful. Working with an experienced, caring tutor allows your child to receive a level of individual attention difficult to receive in today’s large classrooms. Tutors work as a team with parents, teachers, and the student to meet the academic needs of the child. Often, a child’s low academic performance can be attributed to a lack of confidence and fear of failure. Tutoring can help raise your child’s self-esteem as the student begins to experience success.

For more information, please contact Bill Tessien at 336.766.7124 or Visit the website at Make 2019 your child’s best year yet!


Our Lady of Grace Catholic School : NOW ENROLLING

Celebrating 65 years of academic excellence, PreK-3 to 8th Grade is now enrolling at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School. As a family, OLG educates and nurtures the whole person, to serve and to lead with love, respect, dignity and integrity. Call to schedule a tour and learn how Our Lady of Grace Catholic School can prepare your child for a bright future of academic success. Contact the Admissions Office at 336-275-1522 ext. 104 or visit Location: 201 South Chapman Street Greensboro, NC 27403.


Family Travel Ideas for 2019

Are you looking ahead to spring break plans or summer vacations? Triad Moms on Main has many vacation ideas compiled by moms right here in the Triad! You can visit our VACATIONS AND WEEKEND TRIPS category here. You can visit our DAY TRIP category here. On both pages, you will want to be sure to scroll to the end of the blogs listed and click “Older Blogs.” We literally have hundreds of archived blogs that you will find as you continue browsing. If you have a specific city or state you wish to visit, enter it in our search bar to see if we have blogs written! When you visit our menu on the website, click on “Recreation and Travel” to find these categories in the future. And don’t forget about our FAVORITE FAMILY BEACHES directory here!


Today’s spotlight is sponsored by A Step Ahead Academic Center and Our Lady of Grace Catholic School. 


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