By Bryan Wolfe of Winston Salem Christian School

Winston Salem Christian School has a myriad of innovative opportunities for education. WSCS offers a discovery barn for education, a MAC lab and photography studio, a collaborative training space that develops elite student athletes and serves as a fitness center for the greater community, and a common space for learning, networking, internships, and non-profit offices.

The Technology, Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship (T.I.D.E.) Lab was awarded to WSCS through a grant, allowing the innovative school to continue new opportunities for the high school and middle school students. The class is an alternative to teacher-centric learning, placing students in the driver’s seat of education.

Students will spend a quarter working on problem solving and the engineer process. The second quarter, students will learn to utilize tools available to them. Laser etchers, 3-D printers, laser carvers, hand tools, saws, and a brand new video filming and editing suite. Throughout the 3rd quarter, students will begin the creation of a business plan. After the 3rd quarter, students must make the decision every young entrepreneur faces; “Should I continue my business into the 4th quarter, or re-imagine it and start afresh.” In the education world, failure equals a bad thing. However, it’s one of the best business skills you can learn is to identify failure, learn from the mistakes, and “fail forward.”


Students will complete the year with “Shark Tank” style presentations, identifying their product and the importance of it. The entrepreneurial marketplace has endless options for students that learn to solve problems through production. The resources available to the students make the options endless. The only limiting element is the student’s imagination and execution.

Winston Salem Christian School is thankful for this new resource, and the opportunities it provides for students. WSCS is looking forward to seeing business leaders serve as mentors. With a city known for innovation, this resource is a tremendous blessing for extremely diverse student population at WSCS. If individuals or businesses are interested in tours, please reach out to Nathaniel Branscome at You can learn more about Winston Salem Christian School at