By Guest Blogger Sandy Harper

Finding a creative craft that is fun for me and kids of all ages is always a goal of mine. Plus, a craft that does not take a lot of time or materials is a bonus. I found all of this in making yarn hearts as a new Valentine’s holiday craft. Everyone can but their unique twist to this craft, and there are multiple ways to share them.

Craft Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue or tape
  • Different color yarn

Craft Directions:

Let’s start by drawing a few hearts on the cardboard. You can choose any size but for this activity I made the hearts about 2” tall and wide. Cut out the hearts with scissors or an X-ACTO knife.

Choose a yarn color and tape/glue it to the middle of the heart. Start wrapping the yarn around the heart. Move the yarn around the heart so that it is covering the cardboard beneath. The thickness of the hearts is your personal choice. I like making them a bit thicker, giving them more dimension. Once you have your desired thickness, cut the yarn and tuck the end back through the wrapped yarn. For extra strength, add a dot of glue where you tucked the end piece.

Now what can you do with these cute yarn hearts?

I have five ideas to share with you but I’d love to hear any other ideas you think up.

Just give them out!

Who wouldn’t appreciate a little reminder that they are loved? Plus, they are a cute alternative to the store box valentines that we often give out for school Valentine’s parties. When giving them as a valentine, I just cut out color paper into a strip. Then wrote the “To and from” part. Finally, I tucked the paper through some string and glued the ends together.

Make garland!

You can use more yarn, twine or ribbon for the garland. A needle may help with pushing the yarn through the backside of the yarn hearts. This idea makes for lovely Valentine’s decorations for your home, office or classroom. Plus, depending on the color yarn you choose, they can be bold and vibrant or fit the décor of your area.

Make a bookmark.

This is so simple! I used the large Popsicle sticks since they are wider. I glued the yarn heart to the top of the stick. Done! These also make cute alternatives to Valentine’s cards that kids give out to friends and classmates.

Create a pin with the hearts.

I took a safety pin and tucked the larger side of the pin through the yarn of the hearts. Just make sure enough is sticking out that you can still easily open and close the pin. My daughter loved pinning these to her backpack and giving them to her friends for their backpacks.

Turn it into a keychain heart.

For some reason I feel I find these keychain rings around my house often. I typically tuck them in with my art supplies for moments like these craft ideas. To create this idea, I strung a bit of yarn through the top of the heart and tied it off. Then, I tied the other end to the keychain ring. Voila!

When it comes to crafting, especially with kiddos, it does not have to be elaborate or time consuming. Some of the best ideas are simple. I think this makes the craft extra fun because I’m not fretting over all the steps I have to follow or how perfect things need to be for optimal outcomes. Time spent doing something you enjoy and time with loved ones make any craft project the best!

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