Happy Thanksgiving! As you gather with loved ones today to give thanks, we at Triad Moms on Main have much to be thankful for as well. Every day we work hard to make our roles as parents a little easier, and we couldn’t do it without the incredible support we receive from all our loyal fans, friends and sponsors!

Our inspiration comes from our children, and above all, we count our blessings for our families. This season we also want to acknowledge those who have suffered a loss and will be without a loved one this year. Or those who are sick, without employment, without a home, or facing other hardships. We are beginning one of the most joyous times of the year, but we also recognize it can be one of the hardest times as well.

As a team, we asked our kids to share what they are thankful for, and the responses were too cute and touching not to share. We’d love to hear from your children as well. Please join in and add your child’s “thankful quote” as a comment at the end of this post too!

From all of us at TMoM, we wish you a Thanksgiving full of blessings!

What Our Kids are Thankful For

Henry, age 6, “My family, Rainbow Loom, Santa, God and Jesus”
Emily, age 9, “Good health, family, and Animal Jam.”

Jake age 10 – electronics and my swagalicious dance moves
Anna age 8 – banana bread, jewelry, and turkey

Shaina, age 5 1/2, “I am thankful for Poppy and GG”
Mira, age 3 1/2, “I am thankful for my Mommy”

Lance, age 10, is thankful that he wasn’t born during the Colonial days….
he can’t imagine life without technology
Camille, age 8, is thankful for horses and the men and women that fight for our country

Savannah, age 3, ” I am thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my big brother”
Bryce. age 6, “I am thankful for good parents and a home for our family”

Grant, age 10 (now), and Emily, age 7 (now)

1. Thanksgiving means turkey time.
2. Thanksgiving means eating stuffing and pie.
3. Thanksgiving means hunting to get your turkey.
4. Thanksgiving colors are yellow, brown, orange and red.
5. Thanksgiving means Christmas is coming.
6. Thanksgiving means getting together with family and eating lots of turkey and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.
7. Thankful for family, friends, my dog and Cam Newton.

Henry, age 3: God
Julia, age 6: Everything. I just love my life.
Katie, age 12: Family, and God. That I don’t have to worry about things like some kids do. I am very fortunate.

Adam, age 11, “I am thankful for my dog Kylie and my family”
Andrew, age 11, “I am thankful for our house, food and my mom and dad”
Abby, age 11, “I am thankful for my family, my friends and my teachers”