If you have never taken part in our Choice Awards contest you are in for a treat! This contest celebrates all things mom-related in the Triad. Our readers are on a quest to nominate the best of the best in categories ranging from the Best Salon to the Best Daycare to the Best Sports Program.

There are TWO PHASES of this contest – the nomination period and the final voting period. Any business can be nominated, but only the top five with the most nominations will move to the final voting round.

Please take a moment to read our timeline and instructions below. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Most importantly, sign up for our newsletter NOW! The first newsletter with the nomination link will be sent out via email this afternoon, so you won’t want to miss it. (Enter your email in the purple box to the right.)

– Jan. 23 (Wed)  Newsletter subscribers will receive a link to our nomination ballot. Through this link they will enter one nominee for each category (listed below). If you are not a newsletter subscriber, enter your email address in the purple box titled “Come Roll With Us.” *Please note this is only the NOMINATION portion of the contest.

– Jan. 30 (Wed)– A second newsletter will be sent out with a link to our nomination ballot for anyone who did not receive it the first week or signed up in the interim.

– Feb 1 – (Fri) Nominations end

– Feb. 6 – (Wed) Nominations are tallied and the top 5 businesses in each category will be published on the website as finalists. Finalist voting is now open to the public and everyone may vote on their favorite choice from each category. These finalists are decided upon strictly by the number of nominations. Only the top five nominated businesses will be included in this voting round.

– Feb. 6-28
Finalist voting takes place. This is open to anyone and a link is included on the website.

– Feb. 28 – (Thurs)
Finalist Voting ends

– March 6 – (Wed)
Winners are published on the website and in the newsletter. Winning businesses will receive a banner for their website as well as a certificate to display in their store/business. They will also receive a banner ad on our newsletter for 4 consecutive weeks. Any additional ads they purchase during the 2013 year will be 50% off.

This timeline along with last year’s winners can always be found by clicking the Choice Awards teal tab at the top of the website.

The categories featured on the 2013 “Choice Awards” contest are:
1. Favorite Birthday Party Venue/Service/Entertainment
2. Favorite Local Children’s Clothing Store/Boutique
3. Favorite Local Women’s Clothing Store/Boutique
4. Favorite Seasonal Children’s Consignment Sale
5. Favorite Consignment Store (clothing and/or furniture)
6. Favorite Salon and/or Spa
7. Favorite Triad Family Event
8. Favorite Restaurant for a Ladies Lunch
9. Favorite Restaurant for a Date Night
10. Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurant
11. Favorite Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Shop
12. Favorite Local Gift Shop
13. Favorite Local Blog or Website (besides TMoM!)
14. Favorite Local Mompreneur (A mom who has started her own business)
15. Favorite Local Photographer
16. Favorite Interior Designer
17. Favorite Local Realtor/Agent
18. Favorite OB/Gyn Doctor
19. Favorite Family Dentist
20. Favorite Family Orthodontist
21. Favorite Pediatrician
22. Favorite Local Magazine/Print Publication
23. Favorite Private School
24. Favorite Preschool
25. Favorite Daycare Facility or Service
26. Favorite Summer Camp
27. Favorite Child Enrichment Program (dance, language, music, art, theatre, etc)
28. Favorite Child Sports Program or Facility
29. Favorite Rainy Day Destination for Kids
30. Favorite Place to Board and/or Groom Your Pet

Best of luck to all!