By Guest Blogger Heather Miller

As summer is starting to come to an end and we are all rushing to get the best “back to school” deals, I can’t help but think about all of the things that I will not miss once my kiddos are back in class and working their little minds. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and all of its fun, but there are just some things that I can not wait to be done with for the year.

Let’s discuss those, shall we?


While I completely understand the importance of this overly priced lotion, it makes me a crazy person. With three kids, I go through lots of this stuff. It isn’t so much the first application that is the issue. It is the reapplying. How in the hell am I supposed to reapply this stuff at the beach without a breakdown? They are not only wet, but they are sandy. I might as well tell them I plan to just rub their skin with sand paper because that is what they act like I am doing.  I swear next year it is long sleeve wet suits for all.


I am pretty sure that my kids have not eaten an actual meal since the last lunch I packed them for school. There is not a fifteen minute period during the day where I am not asked for a snack. They have gone through more Goldfish and fruit snacks than I can count. Put a nice balanced meal in front of them? No thanks mom, I am not hungry. Five minutes later? They need a snack, and their friends need a snack, and I am the worst for suggesting they heat up the lunch that I just tried to feed them.


I have three daughters. This late in the summer they have officially turned on each other. It takes about three minutes from the time they open their eyes to start screaming at each other of something. Apparently they do not want to look at each other, be near each other or share anything anymore. Until bedtime, where all of a sudden they are best friends again and plot against me to see how far they can push said bedtime back. But hey, at least they are working together.


I HATE popsicles. I understand that on a hot day a nice cool popsicle is delicious. I have even indulged in a few myself. However, they have basically become a food group this summer. A bag of 50, which you would think would last a while, is gone within a couple days. It is sometimes the first thing that they ask for when they wake up. They just can not wrap their minds around why it is not OK to eat sugar and food coloring for breakfast. When we run out, no worries! The entire neighborhood is stocked with these things. They just go to their friend’s house!

So roll on, first day of school, I will welcome you. While I will miss my little ones being around all of the time, I will not miss everything that comes with summer. I will embrace packing them a lunch and sending them on their merry way. And by the time next summer starts to roll around I will embrace the sunscreen, snacks, arguments and popsicles.

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