This time last year my daughter (who was five) was belting out the words to “Connected” (from Barbie’s Diamond Castle soundtrack) and “Part of Your World” (from the Little Mermaid soundtrack), plus other similar tunes. She sang the lyrics ad nauseum. In the car, in her room, in the bathtub, on the playground, at the dinner table, and in her little brother’s ear much to his dismay. It was annoying, but in retrospect, it was funny, cute, and harmless, and I’d take those days back in a heartbeat. That’s because now, just one year later, I’m hearing her chant the not-so-innocent Katy Perry lyrics and question why a song would say “when we drink we do it right” (from “Like a G6”). Yikes!

I know it’s my job to filter her listening habits (and I do try, although I have my occasional slip-ups in the car…oops). Yet, before you cast a judgmental eye my way, I know I’m not alone in this. It wasn’t too long ago I hosted my friend’s children to play at our house, and at the end of the play date, my kids knew every word to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls (ok, you know who you are, mom friend!)!!

It’s inevitable our kids will get influenced by a variety of musical genres from a variety of sources, and I’m ok with that. Not to mention we are a big music-listening household. My husband and I both have Ipods and we add occasional kid tunes to our mix so the kids can take turns listening on long car rides or on airplanes. We also upload and stream our favorite stations from Pandora during dinner and other times. (By the way, if you are not familiar with the free service of Pandora, you are missing out!)

So with an Ipod topping her Christmas list this year, I think it’s high-time I “try” to direct her taste in music to a more age-appropriate mix. I thought I’d use today’s blog to ask what songs or artists you’d recommend for every young age, but most particularly, songs for impressionable elementary school-age girls, like my daughter!

Below are some of my six-year-old’s top picks. Some are obvious and some are random. And as you can tell, I need help in the age-appropriate category. If you have suggestions or criticism, please add it in the comment section below!

Anything Taylor Swift
Some Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
Most any female singer
Bob Marley (his Three Little Birds song is featured on Nick Jr.!)
Counting Crows (my daughter took this CD from us and loves it…random)
The Beatles
Big Bang Boom (local children’s band from Greensboro!)
Laurie Berkner
They Might Be Giants (I listened to them in the ‘80s…go figure)
Kelly Clarkston
Norah Jones
John Mayer
Colby Caillat