By TMoM Team Member Rachel Hoeing

In honor of Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, we want to give a special shout out to our amazing community of moms. We hope that each of you are able to smile thinking about all the joy that being a mom can bring. (Let’s put all the stress on the back-burner for today!)

We asked our readers to tell us in one sentence what they like best about being a mom. Answers are compiled below. We hope they warm your heart! Enjoy …

“When my middle school son still asks me to lay down with him for 5 minutes at bedtime.”

“To experience the miracle of LOVE!”

“When I give my daughter a kiss before I go to bed (no matter how late it is) and tell her I love her, she always responds with ‘I love you more’.”

“Sharing the same sense of humor with my mini-me and making each other laugh.”

“The joy my boys bring me, the overwhelming love and pride I feel for them, and how I can see myself and my husband in each of them and know that our love made these amazing kiddos.”

“Witnessing your kids succeed at something, big or small, and seeing their faces light up and beam with a sense of self pride.”

“Having the opportunity to raise open minded, thoughtful, respectful, aware, kind, outspoken, brave, and loving individuals.”

“Watching my kids sleep … watching them snuggle with the dogs … listening to them giggle in the other room … going on a road trip and feeling like it is us against the world … spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen!”

“As a mother of a preteen and a full on teen, right now my favorite part of being a Mom are those golden moments when the hormones go ‘poof’, the wall comes down, the pressures of life are forgotten, their authentic person appears, and we just are.”

“My favorite part about being a mom right now with kids 17, 18 & 22 is that they still give me hugs and smiles that tell me they love me.”

“Being needed for hugs, kisses, and bedtime stories is my favorite part of being a Mom.”

“My favorite part is watching my child enjoy life while learning new things everyday.”

“Those sleepy morning hugs that feel like a Koala bear just hanging on tight and melting into you at the same time.  The sweetest thing ever.”

“I have absolutely loved, and will continue to love the ‘big’ moments— first everythings— first place, wins, losses, and big, hard tries; but my favorite part is the everyday rhythm of  ‘good mornings!’– ‘how was your day?’ —’that’s great!’— ‘it’s ok’—’I am sorry, I know that must hurt,’— to the ‘What do you think about ______?’ and the gift of everyday hugs, kisses, and hearing ‘I love you so much, good night’.”

“My favorite part about being a mom is being able to say their prayers with them every night before bed and giving them good night kisses after they’ve fallen asleep.”

“When I witness my boys do the right thing, I see their character in action, and that is so affirming as a parent, mostly because mistakes happen, too. I also love a surprise chore done without asking!”

“I think what I enjoy most about being a mom is helping & watching my children grow from the dependent infancy and early childhood stages to becoming more independent and really kind & fun human beings.”

“My favorite part of being a mom right now is providing my kids the opportunity to participate in activities that bring them joy, and then watching them as they share that joy with others around them.”

“The little things….a smile, a giggle, a goofy dance, bursting into song…those moments make my heart full!”

“My favorite thing about being a mom is the unsolicited I love you’s, time spent snuggling under blankets on a lazy morning, the happy tears and even the sad ones that make you grow, the smiles, the laughter, the true adventure that being a mom brings to my life everyday.”

“The simple fact that I have someone who is able to call me MOM.”

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