We received some fabulous feedback on our demographic survey in December. One of the questions we enjoyed reading answers to the most was “Is there anything you would like to see more of on TMoM? Do you have blog ideas?” You all shared some terrific blog ideas with us and we are busy contacting people to write about many of these items right now!

We also noticed that there were many blog topic suggestions that we have written about previously. This showed us that we should probably point out these blogs to you so you can find them on the site! I have compiled a list below of some of the top requested blogs. For the future, one of the easiest ways to locate what you might need is to type key words into the purple search box on the right. Finally, you can always click on one of the categories in grey at the topic of the site (events, food, directories, etc.)

Here are some of the top requested blog topics! Enjoy …

How to meet other moms/playgroup ideas:

Click on the Resources Category & you will see the sub-cat, Parent/Child Groups.
As you scroll down the page you will see blogs about different classes, playgroups and MOPS groups. If you have more ideas to share, we would love for you to blog on this topic! Just email Rachel@triadmomsonmain.com.

Parenting Topics

This of course covers a wide spectrum, but the best place to find parenting advice is under the Family category and then the sub-cat Raising Children.
You can scroll through the blogs to get a variety of blog topics. Hopefully one will relate to you and your situation! Another place you can check for specific age groups is under the Family category, and sub-cats Babies or Teens & Tweens. We also have blogs under the Education Category under your child’s age group.

Disney Tips

We’ve got a bunch of these, written by Disney specialists and other moms. Click on Travel and then Disney!


Everyone loves to read about local events! Many times we will post an afternoon blog with a brief write-up on an event. We will also link this on Facebook and Twitter. These can be found under Parks & Rec and Local Events. One reader wrote, “I just wish I could find out about events sooner.” Have no fear! Our Events Calendar page can be found by clicking the wordEvents at the top of the site. We update our calendar usually one month in advance and then continue to add in additional items as we are notified.

Summer Camps

You can always find these under Parks & Rec and then Camps or by clicking on our Directories Tab at the top of the site. As you scroll down, you will see the links for Summer Camps and Vacation Bible Schools.

Choosing the Right School

I recently wrote a blog on this that you can find under the Education category. It is called Finding the Right School for your Child and has numerous helpful links.

Birthday Parties

Two places you can find this info are Local Resources and then click the Birthday Parties sub-cat. This will give numerous ideas for at home parties, gift-giving, etc. You can also click on the Directories tab and scroll down to see ourBirthday Party Directory with venues info from all over the Triad.

Perfectly Imperfect Moms

One reader wrote, “I would love a blog that highlights how perfectly imperfect all Mom’s are because some days it seems we are all striving for this level of perfection that doesn’t exist.” To whomever wrote this comment, you may like these blogs!
The Perfect Mom
Your Perfect Friend
Good Parenting: Perfect Not Required


We do plenty of giveaways through our Facebook page, so be sure to like us here, but did you also know that you can ALWAYS find a giveaway by clicking the Giveaway Tab at the top of the website? We post a new one every two weeks and there are no strings attached!

Day Trip Ideas

I was honestly surprised how many readers asked for these without knowing we have an entire sub-category dedicated to amazing write-ups about day trip ideas! Click Travel, then Day Trips and you can scroll all day long and continue to find more and more ideas!

Special Needs

From education to health to stories from other moms, you can find a lot of info about Special Needs under Education, thenSpecial Needs. You will also find a helpful Directory listing here.

Volunteering with Kids

We have a Non-profit sub-category under Local Resources. Under that section you will find many blogs about ways to give in the community including:
Let’s Teach Our Children to Give
Spreading the Joy of Birthdays to Kids in Foster Care
Ways to Volunteer With Your Whole Family
You can also access a complete list of non-profits in the are who sent us needs for the holidays by clicking here. These items are also needed year round!


You can click on Parks & Rec and then Sports to see numerous blogs on different opportunities for children. You can also visit our Directories page and scroll down to see our directory of Sports & After School Activities which was just updated for the 2013 year.


Visit our Directories page and as you scroll down you will see three different lists we have compiled for favorite parks in the High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem Areas!

What else are you searching for? Once again, be sure to use the purple search box or our Directories page if you are on the hunt for something specific. Otherwise, just click a category and scroll until your heart’s content!