Kid’s birthday parties sure can raise blood-pressure for moms, and it is not because of planning stress. Moms get fired up about their opinions! Opinions on everything from goodie bags, to venues, to gifts.

A growing trend we have recently heard about is for the hosts to tell their birthday party attendees exactly what to bring as a gift. We’ve run this blogpreviously about bringing gifts to donate to non-profits. We’ve also discussed children donating gifts to Foster children in this blog. Most of our readers agreed that these were good ideas to incorporate when you have a child who already has a plethora of toys and is not in need of anything else to clutter up their playroom. It was also discussed as a good way to show altruism to your children if you are not in the habit of giving to non-profits at other times throughout the year.

But how would you feel if the birthday invitation suggested you donate money to the birthday child’s college fund? Or what if it asked you to bring cash because little Johnny wants to save up for a new gaming system? Is this a great idea because you are happy to give the money to something like college or a large gift they will actually use, rather than a plastic toy that will end up in the corner? Or is this selfish and presumptuous to assume that others would have the funds to do something like this? Is it correct birthday etiquette to tell guests what to bring as a gift?

Did you know there are websites now that you can link to on your birthday invites that will set up college savings programs for you and birthday gift registries? What are your thoughts on this?

With our “Whatcha Think” posts, we usually try to put an idea out there without voicing opinions of our own, but I will go ahead and say that I was a little taken aback by this entire idea. What are your thoughts? Dive in the convo and share your opinions by posting below!

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