The other day, a few members from the TMoM team were chatting about birthday parties. The conversation then turned into a lively debate about all things related to birthday presents. “How much do we spend on gifts?”… “Do we spend more on gifts for friends vs classmates?”… “What about gifts for multiples?”…etc, etc. Without disclosing our thoughts, we thought it would be fun to involve our readers and ask what you think!

Below are the questions that came up in our chat. Pretend you were sitting at our table. How would you answer these questions? Do you have other burning inquiries on this subject? Jump in, join our discussion, and add your own questions as well!

1. What is the average dollar amount you spend on a birthday gift?
2. Do you spend more on a child you know well (or you know the parents well) versus a classmate or teammate (or someone your child has not interacted with outside of school or that extracurricular activity)  – or do you spend the same average amount no matter what?
3. Do you spend more on a gift if you know the birthday party is expensive for the host – or do you spend the same average amount no matter what?
4. If your child is invited to a birthday party for twins (or triplets, etc), and your child is friendly (or is in class) with only one of the multiples, do you get a gift for each twin or triplet?
5. Do you pick out the gift or let your child pick out the gift – or is it a combination of both based on the circumstance?

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