By Guest Blogger Debbie Wilkins Baisden

Remember when you were in school and traded cookies for chips with the kid across from you at the cafeteria table? Oh if only we knew then what we know now. Chemicals, brain fog, obesity, modified ingredients, and more are the reasons we now know to put healthy foods on our plates.

But what about our kids? Today’s kids are healthy, thanks to YOU, their role-model moms. What in the world are you going to give those critters to eat in the cafeteria? Chips and desserts are only going to make them tired or wired.

Before you go shaking your head at me, remember that repeated exposure to foods creates a taste for those items. A kid who hates guacamole at first taste may grow to love it by the tenth time. You kept feeding that newborn green beans so same principal here. Go for a “take it or leave it” approach and offer healthy foods at home so that it’s no different at school. You know your kids best; they may not like apples but happily eat blueberries.

Another great way to increase the likelihood of them eating the foods packed is to have them help pick out the options at the grocery store (“You have a choice between crunchy peanut butter or creamy peanut butter.” “Pick apples or oranges.”) And then, once home, have THEM pack their lunch to take responsibility. Make healthy foods appealing visually (presentation and variety of colors help) and with textures (smooth and crunch).

Below are some examples of some quality fats, proteins, dairies, veggies, fruits and carbs for your growing student.

5 lunchbox ideas for kids

1. Peanut butter & celery, orange, small container of tuna, cheese stick, water.
2. Guacamole & sliced cucumbers, banana, sliced turkey, Greek yogurt, water.
3. Hummus & baby carrots, grapes, square of cheddar cheese, sliced ham, water.
4. Walnuts, sliced apples, cottage cheese, broccoli & ranch dressing, water.
5. Pepperoni slices, homemade sweet potato “chips”, pear, low-sugar yogurt, water.
6. Low-sodium jerky, brown rice, pear, shredded chicken breast topped with shredded cheese and a side of low-sodium, low-sugar barbecue sauce, sugar snap peas with ranch dressing, water.

You can do it! And your kids will be happier and healthier too!

What are your best lunch box ideas? Please share them below!

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* Photo Credit:: Kathy Miller with One Shot Photography