By Katie Moosbrugger

Ok, ladies, I’m calling on you again! I need your help in coming up with some great DVDs for my children’s enjoyment – and for my sanity and relaxation – during our 8+ hour drive home from vacation next week. We’re lucky in that we drive a mini-van equipped with DVD players – and we’re finally at the age where both our children (ages five and two) can simultaneously watch movies (and sometimes the same movie!) for longer than 5 minutes at a time. But what to watch?

Thankfully our kids are not TV junkies. We do turn on the TV in the early morning hours and right before bedtime – but it’s almost background noise in our house anymore. If it’s not Dora, Diego or Thomas the Train – then forget about it.

My daughter (age five) is a huge Disney Princess movie addict – and a budding Barbie movie fanatic. Give her any flick from those collections, and she’s hooked. She’s also a big music lover, and loves classics like Wizard of Oz, Annie, and Mary Poppins. My son (age two), however, is not so predictable, and he doesn’t sit still for any of her favorite movies, unfortunately. I would have thought any movie featuring Barney, Bob the Builder, Clifford – or other boyish-themed cartoons – would have caught his attention. Instead, he prefers movies I think of for older kids: ET, Polar Express, Wall-E, Monster House, and Mee-Shee The Water Giant – go figure! And on the flip side, my daughter doesn’t necessarily dig these movies either.

So, I’ve already reached out to a couple of friends for their help in compiling a list of DVDs suitable – and popular – for this age group (ages 2-6). Below are some titles they sent. If you have additional suggestions, please add them in the comments below! I would love some quiet time on the drive home this year!!

Suggested DVDs for Ages 2-6

From Robin F:
Wizard of Oz
Mary Poppins
Madeline (the one with people, not cartoon)
Hotel for Dogs
Pippi Longstocking
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

From Summer R:
We have loved watching the scholastic DVD collection it’s available at Costco of course, and you can check them out at the library. Each tape has several popular children’s books that have been animated based on the illustrations in the books. It is a great way to tie in literacy, and most of the DVD’s have a “read along” feature so the words will go along the bottom of the movie as you go. I highly reccomend these!! Connor has recently loved Popular Mechanics for kids, which is all live action informational DVD about specific topics. We hardly watch TV anymore either.. actually we’ve only been watching DVD’s once every couple of days.

From Rachel H:
Both of my children like Scooby-Doo (any and all of them!), The Parent Trap (new and old versions), High School Musical, E.T., Home Alone, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the one with Jim Carrey). Jake also likes- Star Wars, and Wall-E. Anna also likes- Leap Frog Letter Factory, Word Factory, and Math Circus.

What else do you suggest?