Both of my children have June birthdays. Their birthdays are just a few days apart, and my husband and I both have birthdays in August, so our summers have always been a lot of fun. It got me thinking about what times of the year are the best times to give birth.

In a perfect world, we’d count back nine to ten months from the month we’d like to give birth, and try to conceive somewhere in that area. But in the real world with miscarriages, infertility, and just bad luck, unfortunately we know that cannot always happen so easily.

Just for kicks and giggles I thought it would be fun to have our readers chime in with their thoughts on the best time of the year to give birth. I will share my viewpoints on June, since I have double the experience with that one!

“Pros” of giving birth in the month of June:

~ You can pretty much do anything you want for birthday parties as they grow older – indoor, outdoor, pool, backyard, etc.
~ It is exactly halfway through the year after Christmas, so just as everyone gets tired of their gifts from the holidays, you are ready to re-stock with presents and weed out the ones that they haven’t played with since December.
~ You don’t have to invite the entire class to a birthday party if you don’t have the funds or the space. No one is talking about the party at school and hurting other kids’ feelings!
~ As far as pregnancy, you get to have a summer baby without carrying an extra 30 pounds throughout the entire summer.
~ When you are preggos, you get to wear a bathing suit and be perfectly comfortable with how much weight you have gained because you are pregnant and you are SUPPOSED to be fat this summer!
~ After the baby arrives, there is not too much of a chance of getting stuck indoors with nothing to do and no visitors. Everyone is out and about, germs are not in full force, and you & baby can get out as well!

“Cons” of giving birth in June:

~ Kids don’t usually get to celebrate their birthday on the actual day at school.
~ Since June is close to the cut-off date for Kindergarten Registration, you will have to deliberate over whether or not to send your child to Kindergarten the fall after they turn five, or wait a year and send them to readiness instead. (See our blog on this topic here.)
~ As far as pregnancy, you don’t get to hide under big sweaters if you are uncomfortable with your weight gain.
~ After you have the baby, you still have two months of summer left where you really don’t want to be caught dead in a bathing suit with your pre-pregnancy body.
~ If it is not your first child, you don’t get the few hours of solitude when the older one is at mom’s morning out or school.

After weighing out my thoughts above, I think June is a great month to give birth!

Now it is your turn to chime in. Please share the month(s) you gave birth and explain why that month is or is not a great month to have a child!