Pinterest is a brilliant concept and I do enjoy scrolling through ideas every so often. Evidently, so do over 100 million other people on any given month. We even have our own Pinterest page for our website, so I am not slamming Pinterest by any means, but merely poking fun at some of the items that I often come across and think, “Are you kidding me?”

In case you aren’t familiar with the concept of this Social Media phenomenon, Pinterest is kind of virtual bulletin board where you can pin ideas instead of writing them down or saving into folders in your email.

All in good fun, I’ve shared some of the pins I’ve come across and smirked. I’ve included my own commentary below each pin in bold. Enjoy!

Look at that, they only take five hours to decorate and then your kids can gorge themselves and clean the plate in less than 30 seconds.

Um, yeah all we leave in our entry way is a simple pair of cute boots and a few coats. Where are the umbrellas, the lunchboxes, the candy wrappers, the gloves, the bookbags, the flip-flops, and the rolled up dirty socks? And how long is that bench really going to stay white?

Or, in one tenth of this time and for the same price, you can buy a pair of colored boots at the dollar general store.

Seriously? Now we can’t even walk around in our slippers without feeling the need to clean?

OK, I can’t even read the name without stuttering so I doubt I’ll do the project.

Unless someone is paying me, a party spread like this is not gonna happen.

Wouldn’t you end up with little Abe Lincoln imprints all over your bare feet?

Please don’t tell me this means I have another mythical character to keep up with on another holiday! I thought Halloween was just costumes and candy!

Great. I finally get stainless steel and now we are going to black???

This means we would actually have to mow our grass to get this look.

Now it is your turn, Please share some of your own eye rolling moments from Pinterest!
*Photo credit: Kathy Miller from One Shot Photography