By Rachel Hoeing

There are many things in my life where I consider myself to be “old school.”  I like to do things a certain way and am not always up for change.  But there are some things that I think are just making my life way too difficult and I need to step into 2015.

For example, let’s talk about calendars. I know it is so simple to sync calendars with family members by using an online app or google calendar, and I know it is super convenient to have it with you at all times on your smart phone, but for some reason I cannot veer from my paper desktop planner. It sits open in front of my computer at all times and I write in all of our activities and appointments. Yes, it is inconvenient when I am out and someone asks if I am available on such and such day, but it doesn’t bother me to call them once I get back home and check my calendar. Anyone else do this?

An example where I NEED to step into 2015 is when it comes to getting directions.  I usually use Mapquest and then I write down the directions, which I usually leave sitting on my desk.  Then when I am already out on my journey I realize I don’t know where the heck I am going.  Here is where I need to use my phone more often for navigation … but that would mean I couldn’t chat with friends while en route. 🙂

What do you still do the “old school” way? 

– Do you still use a VCR?  My husband put ours in the attic, but the VHS tapes are still in the entertainment center!

– How about keeping a diary versus a blog online?  I do keep a hand-written journal, but don’t write in it half as much as I should.

– Who still keeps a hand-written “To Do” list?  This is one where I will never stray.  A list on my computer or phone just doesn’t give me the satisfaction of crossing off an item with a fat black marker.

~ How about an online calendar? I still use a classic agenda that sits in front of my computer.

– Who still writes thank you notes instead of emailing someone to say thanks? Me, me, me!  Always a thank you note person.

– Who still gives out their home phone number instead of their cell? I do this all the time, especially with businesses. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of the home phone.

– Who uses the phone book? Ours are usually covered with dust.  I look everything up online.

– Who keeps a handwritten address book? I do!  I know this could be so much easier online. Can’t. Do. It.

– Who still prints out their pictures instead of having digital images on a DVD? Right now I haven’t done either. They are all sitting in files on the computer! UGH!

– Who still buys CDs instead of downloading i tunes?  Just bought a few for Christmas!  🙂

Please share your habits!  What do you do that is “old school?”