By Connie Mikesell, current parent and admission specialist at Greensboro Day School

Art, science, music, technology, foreign language – schools today are often specializing in these areas to draw families to their programs. At 5-years-old, it is difficult to tell what your child’s strengths, interests or passions will become. Yet, parents are being asked to make a choice for their children very early in their lives. The quiet, shy five-year-old boy who chooses to hide behind his mother’s leg may still grow to become a famous actor. The five-year-old girl who doesn’t want to touch a ladybug may grow to become a famous entomologist. All they need is to be inspired! So why choose one, when you can have it all?

Greensboro Day School offers its students opportunities in a variety of areas, from hands-on science instruction to performing and visual arts to developmentally appropriate technology programs. Have your child experience the many opportunities that Greensboro Day School can offer every student.

Interested students can experience a “snapshot” of life as a Greensboro Day School Bengal on November 12, 2012. They will shadow a student-host throughout the morning, experience classes, tour the campus and meet faculty and staff. Parents will have the opportunity to meet our division directors and ask questions about our program. Interested families can get more information or register for Be a Bengal for a Day at For more questions or for more information, please contact the Admission Office, at 336-288-8590.

Make a difference in your child’s future, today. Give them everything at Greensboro Day School.

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