By Rachel Hoeing

I had been playing phone tag with a friend of mine for a while. Once we finally got in touch we enjoyed catching up and then she commented, “Well I had been trying to call forever, you but you didn’t answer your phone!” It was almost an underlying dig somehow insinuating that I was avoiding her call or purposely did not answer because I did not want to talk to her. I didn’t comment, but had one of those moments after we hung up where you think, “Awww man, I should have said …”

So today I will say what I should have said. This situation got me thinking about the fact that we have become WAY too accessible.(Email, texts, home phone, cell phone, etc) It irked me because there are about a thousand reasons why I may not answer my phone and none of them have to do with WHO is calling. Beware, much sarcasm ahead.

So what I should have said was, “Did you ever consider …

Sometimes I go to the bathroom. Yes, I know it is crazy to think I actually take the time to do this, but I do not take my phone in there with me and therefore I may miss your call. And when I leave the bathroom I do not run to the phone to see who may have called during those two minutes.

Sometimes I have a meeting. Yes, a real meeting with a client, or my child’s teacher, or a volunteer organization, and unfortunately I do not answer the phone during those times.

Sometimes I go outside. Amazing! There is an entire world outside of my home and it is not a place where I take my phone!  I play with my kids, I talk to my neighbors, I sit on my porch, I ride my bike, I swim in the pool … all without my phone in hand.

Sometimes I take a shower. Again, I know it is tough to believe, but I do not take my phone into the shower with me.

Sometimes I am in church. They aren’t too keen about cell phones ringing while we are there.

Sometimes my phone is in the car while I am in the house or in the house while I am in the car. It is not strapped to my head.

Sometimes I am with my family. I may be enjoying time with my kids or spending some QT with my husband and every so often I do not answer the phone (or even hear it ringing for that matter), and I personally think that is OK.

Sometimes I am with friends. Sometimes a friend is pouring her heart out to me about a serious situation and stopping her crying to answer my phone just doesn’t seem polite for some odd reason.

Sometimes it is just a crappy day. It’s a crappy day where I may be sad or upset and I just somehow am not in the mood to answer the phone and possibly hear about someone’s great buy at Target or their stressful day at the playground.

Sometimes the phone is turned off.”

That’s what I should have said. Anyone else have this issue? Do you think it is ridiculous to carry cell phones with us everywhere? Or are you always accessible? And yes, if there were an emergency I would find out about it within a reasonable amount of time!